My latest dietetic addiction: marshmallows (-10kg)


Enough sweet to eat them as a little treat after lunch of dinner, but absolutely low in calories. Two or three of them per day can’t be so dangerous!

Tilt loves marshmallows!

Ps: Mamy continua con la tua cioccolata, tu che puoi e che riesci a fermarti dopo uno o due quadratini. Io passo a questo che e’ meno pericoloso!


One response to “My latest dietetic addiction: marshmallows (-10kg)

  1. The ones you find in the UK are not so good for me… In France, the best ones of course you can find them in “boulangerie” or sweet shops. But the master piece you find in supermarkets is Chamallow from Haribo… Hey yes, in France we call them Chamallow and not Marshmallow…

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