Do you prefer “al sugo” or “in bianco”?

This is the big question.

I think everyone is part of one of the 2 categories… no one can say that is the same. All of us has a favorite.

Trying to decide which recipes do next, i found one that give you the option “al sugo” (in tomato sauce) or “in bianco” (without tomato). If you speak about meat you will have a white sauce, while if you are speaking of pasta, in the majority of the cases you are meaning pasta with butter and Parmesan cheese.

red and white

As i was telling you before, everyone have to prefer one of the 2 and i’m more for the white sauce and pasta with butter and Parmesan. Since i’m little i love these ingredients, but for diet reasons I always try to choose the tomato sauces.

What my guests will prefer on friday?

Because i couldn’t choose, i decided that i will cook both of them one day after the other, so you will have the full version of the recipes and maybe some comments from my guests.

And what do you prefer?

PS. Mamy se non mi sbaglio tu sei piu’ per il sugo vero? Papa’ ed io invece sempre piu’ per la roba in bianco. Vediamo un po’ cosa ne uscira’ da questa piccola votazione tra la gente che conosco. A presto con le foto dei miei piatti!


2 responses to “Do you prefer “al sugo” or “in bianco”?

  1. Ehehe… Big question. I would say it depends on the dish… But as a Normand person who loves cream and butter… I’d “in bianco”…
    Can you put crème fraîche inside or would it be a sin ??? Please, please, please, please….

  2. No, creme fraiche just for french recipes…maybe sometimes i can add some “panna”.
    You will see!

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