Patate al forno – Roast potatoes


Recipe 139: This is a basic dish that in my family we use to cook almost every time we invite someone. It’s very easy to do and everyone loves it. On top of that, this is a side order that goes well with any meat or fish you cook.

Here is my recipe:

– Peel the quantity of potatoes you decided to cook and then boil them. You need to take them out of the fire before they get too cooked. I would check after 25 minute trying to insert a fork in them. If this goes, they are ready.

– Then pass them under cold water and cut them in pieces.

– Put them in the oven at 160-180 to finish to cook with oil, salt and fresh rosemary…but also with thyme they are really good.

– If you can, put the grill in your oven and after other 10 -15 minute they will be ready and crunchy. If they are already quite cooked, just put the grill.


PS. Mamy prima di dare la ricetta delle tue polpette ho pensato di inserire la ricetta per le mitiche patate al forno che fai tu. Visto che qui i forni funzionano un po’ come gli pare, ho pensato di aggiustare la ricetta facendo bollire le patate prima. In questo modo dovrebbero venire croccanti ma non secche e magari ci mettono anche un po’ meno tempo a farsi. Che te ne pare?


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