Pasta al forno

Recipe 136: And after the besciamella recipe, you are now ready for the “Pasta al forno”.

This is normally something you can prepare also with some pasta “al sugo” leftovers…and maybe that is also the better version.

However here is the recipe i cooked from scratch on Monday for another guest.

For 4 people you will need:

350gr of short pasta (but if you have leftovers of long pasta you can try anyway) – 1 mozzarella – 20/30 gr of Parmesan – salt + Tomato sauce (2 tomato sauce can – 1 carrot – 1 celery – 1 onion) and Besciamella ( 50 gr flour – 50 gr butter – 500 ml milk – nutmeg)

pasta forno 1

I would start from preparing the tomato sauce as usual: oil in a pan until hot and add onion in little pieces.Wait until became gold and add the tomato sauce from the cans, carrot, celery and salt. Cook on a low fire and wait until the sauce is a bit thick (at least 20/30 minutes).

In the meantime prepare the besciamella as i explained here.

When both sauces are ready or are finishing to cook, boil the pasta with the salt, but be careful to don’t cook it until the end as written on the bag. Taste it before and if it’s just a little bit hard, you can take it off.

Pasta forno 2

At this point, i use to mix the pasta with the tomato sauce until it became all red and then I add the besciamella mixing a bit more. Put a layer of the pasta in a baking tin, add the mozzarella cut in little little pieces and close with a second layer of pasta. Finally cover all with a generous quantity of Parmesan and put it in the oven with the grill until the mozzarella inside is melted and you have a colorful crust on the top.

Cut it, serve it in a plate and buon appetito!

PS: Mamy ho seguito proprio il tuo metodo. Anche se la besciamella si puo’ mettere a parte sulla pasta prima di infornarla, per me e’ meglio mischiarla con il sugo, almeno arriva proprio su tutta la pasta! Era buonissima, ma visto le poche pentole che abbiamo, ho dovuto cucinare il sugo in un pentolino piccolo e non mi si e’ rappreso bene. Forse meglio cosi, ma preferivo la pasta un po’ piu’ asciutta e abbrustolita. Comunque che mangiata!


5 responses to “Pasta al forno

  1. Che bbbona… me la prepari anche live?? 🙂

  2. Sicuro, basta ordinare!

    Quando torni? 🙂

  3. Beautiful pasta!!!!
    It tasted great, I’ve decided not to eat pasta again until you make it. Really.

  4. Thank you! I’m very happy you liked it…and of course you won a portion of the next dish ahahah!

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