Yesterday popcorn night with… Almodovar!

Popcorn As usually happens, yesterday was another popcorn cinema night: with this i mean that instead to have dinner and watch a movie, i cut the dinner to have the pleasure to see the movie eating POPCORN. I’m a big supporter of these as part of a diet…and let’s see the results. However let’s speak about the movie now!

So last night i finally went to see “Los abrazos rotos”: Almodovar is a must and Broken Embraces is just another amazing and suggestive movie.

Broken embracesPedro is one of my favorite directors because he is really able to pass feelings and emotions. Volver was a master piece and for me is the best movie he did, but also this one is very well done: the story is complex and simple at the same time, is full of pathos and comedy in the same time and i can only say i was unable to take my eyes off the screen.

Two hours of passionate love, revenge, sadness and humor, with lots of references to the amazing “Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown” and Almodovar’s passion for the cinema. There are two little things that, in my opinion, he could have realize better, but are just little notes respect to all the movie: the actors are incredible, the locations are great, and the colors of the movie and of every little scene just match perfectly with the feeling leaving on the screen.

Almodovar is absolutely real in the representation of life and human nature and everything arrives directly to the hart.

PS. Mamy sono andata a vedere l’ultimo film di Almodovar e come al solito e’ imperdibile. Non so se voi lo avete gia’ visto, ma se ancora lo danno in sala, non ve lo perdete! E’ poetico e ricchissimo di emozioni, colori, sentimenti, ma sempre con un tocco di umorismo. Speciale!


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