Silicone or traditional ?

Eh no, I’m not speaking about beauty and plastic surgery, but just about pans and molds.

Yesterday for the first time i discovered someone invented silicone pans and i was just horrified.

How can you cook in a plastic thing? what is going to happen to the taste and to the nice crust? Then i started to realize the positive points of the silicone, like the fact that nothing will stick on the mold and everything will come out perfectly shaped.

I looked a bit in internet and i found lots of positive comments and i decided to give it a try.

pans and mold

As some of you knows, yesterday i look all day in internet for a ring mold or baking pan, and i couldn’t find any cheap shop with something like this. The only solution seemed to be John Lewis, not so cheap but at least open until late and very well equipped.

So to cut down the story, at the end i bought a silicone mold but I’m not so convinced now. The major problem is that the mold is not so deep and i think at the end everything will come out in the oven. The second problem is that for the next dish i absolutely need the crust and i want to be sure the mold will make it. Finally i have some doubt about the taste and the fact to put silicone in the oven.

Has anyone tried one before? is it better to buy something like this just for little cakes or for very strange shapes? Or i just need to get used?

Please let me know, I’m very interested. For the moment i think i won’t risk and i will go to exchange it with a traditional one! 🙂

And what do you prefer more?

PS: Mamy, ieri ho cercato come una disperata un teglia da ciambellone, ma non e’ facile per niente trovarla qui a Londra e costano un bel po’.Comunque alla fine sai che ho comprato? una teglia in SILICONE! assurdo, non sapevo esistessero! Ero troppo curiosa di provarla, ma poi mi sono resa conto che e’ un po’ troppo bassa ed ho paura esca tutto. Insomma alla fine la cambiero’ per la tradizionale in acciaio e poi magari provero’ le teglie in silicone un’altra volta.

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