Pasta con le noci – Pasta with walnuts sauce

Pasta noci 1

Recipe 132: And because is autumn and starts to be cold, why don’t make pasta with walnuts?

This is not one of the most common italian dishes, but it’s very typical in Liguria, a region in the north of Italy, more famous for the pesto sauce ( i will ask my mum her amazing recipe for this too).

I have to say this is the version my mum use to prepare, but there are many other different versions, with just oil instead of single cream, with a bit of bread and garlic and so on. Because it’s a quite reach sauce and heavy dish, i suggest you to cook not too much pasta or you can also try to substitute the single cream with Ricotta cheese and milk.

However here are the ingredients i used yesterday for 5 people (all from Tesco): 500gr of De Cecco Pasta (i choose short pasta but have to be good also with linguine or meat ravioli) – 200gr walnuts already peeled – 75gr pine nuts – 250gr single cream – majoran – salt – pepper- nutmeg – 50gr butter – Parmesan.

Pasta noci 2

If you have a mixer, you can just put all the ingredients in and create the sauce, otherwise you can put all the walnuts and pine nuts in a dishcloth and smash them with anything you have, heavy and resistant (i used the majoran dispenser).

Then add the single cream and use a “Minipimer” to mix everything better and give consistency to the sauce. If you don’t have it you can also just mix with spoon. Add salt, pepper, a bit of majoran and nutmeg. I can’t tell you how much. This will be something you will have to decide testing the sauce and following your preferences.

pasta noci 3In the meantime cook the pasta in salted water and after the time written on the bag (were 10 minute for me), drain the pasta and add the butter already melted and the walnut sauce.

Serve with Parmesan and a bit of black pepper.

Buon appetito!

PS. Ciao Mamy, ieri e’ venuta a cena Marguerite la mia amica americana che incontro sempre in aereo. Le ho cucinato la pasta con le noci…visto che stiamo in autunno pensavo fosse adeguata ed era cosi tanto tempo che non la mangiavo! L’unico problema e’ che non me l’aspettavo cosi pesante…sara’ che ho fatto dei piatti belli pieni, ma alla fine eravamo sderenate! Comunque per essere buona e’ buona… forse la prossima volta provo a farla con la ricotta invece che con la panna.

2 responses to “Pasta con le noci – Pasta with walnuts sauce

  1. Good but a bit heavy!!!!

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