End of the week gym update (-8 kg)

And just to let you know that I’m still fighting to reach my target and win my challenge, here is a quick update on the courses I tried this week: Salsa aerobic and R&B dance.

OK, i love salsa, so it was quite clear that i was going to try this class: I liked it and i think that for the sunday lunch time is just the perfect solution. A bit of movement to fight the weekend laziness but having fun. The R&B instead wasn’t a great success: i love the music but i feel always a bit stupid when i try to copy the choreography. So ok it was fun and the teacher was very good, but it wasn’t so exciting as i was expecting it.

blk_20cat20dancingFinally none of these classes can be really considered enough to loose weight, but they are fine to keep the line, having fun and enjoying the music; sometimes having fun gives you more strength to be constant in the exercises. Then, considering the cold i took this week, I’m anyway quite proud of my achievements in the gym! 🙂

PS: Mamy questa settimana in palestra mi sono dedicata anche io alla danza ed ho provato altre 2 lezioni, una a base di salsa e una di musica rap. Simpatiche, non particolarmente difficili o faticose, ma almeno divertenti. Non sono ancora molto convinta, ma per cambiare e comunque continuare a muoversi un po’ non sono male.


6 responses to “End of the week gym update (-8 kg)

  1. Hey… Reading your article… I want to try the salsa aerobic… and speaking about fun seeing me who have no idea what salsa is and following the choregraphy… you will have a great laugh and your abdominals will become even more strong….
    But CONGRATS….. you rock Tilt…. very constant in your activities …. and at the end it pays……..

  2. grande, -2 chili con la raclette!!! ma come hai fatto??? io lunedí ho il colloquio, accendi una candela per me…

  3. Ho fatto che il giorno dopo ero cosi piena che non ho pranzato e me ne sono andata a ballare salsa!
    Candela accesa!

  4. thank you Niels!
    You too in the blogosphere??? amazing!!!!

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