Pasta alla burina (-65 weeks)

burina 1Recipe 129: For our french friend coming on friday night i wanted to cook something special and i did one of my mum best recipe for pasta. I have to say i found online lots of “pasta alla burina” recipes and all quite different between them. Let’s just say this is my family’s one.

And because in this season mushrooms are the main ingredients, i though this dish could be the right one…the only problem was the preparation: it was a bit long and we were starving!

However these are the ingredients for 3 people: 350 gr. of short pasta (the real recipe is with “mezze maniche” but in London i had to use “rigatoni”) – 30gr of dried Porcini mushrooms – 60 gr pancetta – 30 gr ham – 50 gr butter – Parmesan – salt – a bit of chillies – oil.

burina 2

Start putting the dried mushrooms in a bowl with warm water for about an hour. In the meantime cut the pancetta and the ham. Put them in a pan with a bit of oil and cook them.

When the mushroom are soft, drain them, but use a kitchen cloth to strain the water and conserve it to cook the sauce. This water will give the most of the taste to the dish. Then cut the mushroom in little pieces and put them in the pan with pancetta and ham. Add the butter in pieces, salt and some chillies. Cook a bit and then start to add the water from the mushroom too.

Let evaporate the water and then add a bit more until the end of it. You can also leave the pan covered on a low fire and check it time by time, adding the water when needed. This sauce will take at least half an hour to be ready.

Burina 3

When the water will be almost finished and the sauce is almost done ( not make it too dry) you can put the pasta in salted boiled water following the time written on the bag…normally around 10 minutes. When ready, put the pasta in the pan with the sauce, mix until the pasta absorb it a bit and become a nice brownish color and serve it with a lot of Parmesan.

Buon appetito!

PS. A parte il tempo necessario per ammorbidire i funghi e far assorbire l’acqua del sugo, la ricetta e’ facile e mi piace ancora di piu’ perche’ non usa la panna, ma che fame che avevamo!!! Me la sono finita senza nenache essermela goduta…ma il sapore era proprio come quella che fai tu! La prossima volta che la faro’ mi prendero’ un po’ piu’ di tempo per cucinarla e mangiarmela!

2 responses to “Pasta alla burina (-65 weeks)

  1. mmmm, questa mi sa che senza carne perde un po’ de gracia🙂 in compenso, l’altro giorno a cena con un amico abbiamo fatto il gateau di patate, ci siamo spazzolati in 3 le dosi da 1 chilo di patate! ergo ora gli mando il link del blog che volevano assolutamente la ricetta🙂

  2. GRANDE BENE!!!!
    Si si passa passa!

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