Halloween or not Halloween?

Halloween Snoopy And here we are again… it’s almost the 31st of October, so what you are going to do this year?

Are you planning to dress up and go to an amazing party? or are you just going to ask sweets door by door?

In Italy Halloween and its celebration wasn’t really famous until we started to be absorbed in the traditions of all the TV series and american scary movies arrived in our country. Then, of course, the economic potential of Halloween it was discovered and, on top of that, in Italy we can’t say no to parties, occasions to go out, have fun and maybe leave also some scary experience.

So welcome to Halloween parties everywhere!

But what are you going to do this year? Party or not party? Fancy dress or just a scary movie at home? have you already made a decision?

Be quick, the midnight it’s near!

PS: Mamy e voi che farete? nessuno dei vostri amici organizza una festa di Halloween per il 31 Ottobre. Lo so che a voi queste cose proprio non interessano e tanto voi non vi mascherereste mai, ma io invece ci sto pensando! vabbe’ sono cosi’ pigra che una maschera intera non me la farei mai, ma qualche piccolo accessorio magari… Vi faro’ sapere che decidero’.


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