From the Halloween Menu’: Chocolate mousse and some spiders

choc mousse 1

Recipe 125: And to close the Halloween menu’, here are the desserts: little ghosts and sweets spiders.

To make the Chocolate mousse you need (for 8 people): 8 plastic glasses – 15/20 chocolate biscuits (I used 2 packets of Maryland biscuits because they are quite little), 300 gr dark chocolate, 6 egg yolks, 450/500 gr of cream to whip or you can just use the white of the eggs for a lighter version, but you will need at least 8 whites to whip – a spoon of icing sugar – 30gr butter and some chocolate bits for decorations.

Then for the spiders you will have to buy just some liquorice sweets, some round shaped and some wheels.

choc mousse 2

Put the chocolate in pieces in a sauce pan and let it melt on the fire. It could be better to cook it inside of another sauce pan with boiling water. In this way you won’t risk the chocolate to stick or burn in the pan. When the chocolate is all melted, take it off from the fire and add the 6 egg yolks and the butter. Mix until you have a consistency similar to the first picture up here.

Then whip the cream (or the white of the eggs) and add this to the rest and mix everything again. Leave just a bit of the cream for the final decoration.

Choc mousse 4

Break all the biscuits and divide them for the 8 glasses. Put in each glass a good quantity of mousse and then put everything in the fridge for at least one hour.

Take the glasses out of the fridge a bit before to serve them and add the remaining whip cream. Finally dust them with chocolate bits and serve it. ENJOY!

Choc mousse 3

These spiders instead are just an easy composition made of circular liquorice and pieces of liquorice wheels. Tilt love liquorice!

PS. Mamy quanto mi sei venuta in mente quando ho comprato le liquerizie per fare i ragnetti! ti piacciono? Le rotelle erano buonissime ma le altre tonde non erano un granche’ a dire il vero. Comunque io ero gia’ soddisfatta con la mia mousse, che e’ inevitabilmente pesante, ma cosi buona! e con i biscotti sul fondo e la panna in cima… era una delizia!


2 responses to “From the Halloween Menu’: Chocolate mousse and some spiders

  1. this looks so good I’d better DON’T try it 🙂

  2. No don’t worry! a little bit is always good for the health! baci baci

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