Mexican food in the City: Wahaca!

wahaca 1Finally, after months of preparation and suspense, the mexican food is now in the CITY: Wahaca has opened a new restaurant in Canary Wharf and I’ve been to see the new place and to try some new recipes.

Wahaca is an “easy” mexican restaurant, because is made for the UK and this means all the menu is easy to understand. You have lots of little dishes to start with and a big variety of main courses you can choose from, but everything is done following the most real mexican way and trying to be cheaper than any other traditional mexican restaurant in London.

But let’s speak about food!

Being in 4 we started ordering a “Wahaca selection”, a mix of some of the best starters they offer in the menu. Some tacos, with beef, fish (the best ones) or pork, quesadillas, tostadas and a little pot with green rice and black beans absolutely amazing.
wahaca 2

As a main course i tried to stay light so… salad. But i have to specify that this contains also meat and rice and just to make it better, it’s served in a fried corn pastry (i don’t know in which other way i can describe it). Very tasty! Some of us took burrito, fish tacos but they serve also a nice soup with homemade tortilla chips, that i suggest as a lighter solution. To drink i have decided to avoid beers (for once) and to try the hibiscus water, a delicious sweet and light red juice very refreshing (especially after the hot sauces you can find there).I love it!

Just to have a taste also of the mexican desserts, we couldn’t go away without churros y chocolate, spicy chocolate ice cream and mango sorbet, my favorite.
wahaca 3

The place is very colorful and nice: lots of graffiti in the inside and the design lights coming down from the ceiling, create a really cosy ambiance. The best part, by the way, are the iron curtains that, composing colorful designs in all the restaurant, give the sensation to be in a mexican market.

Wahaca it’s a little bright place in the grey London!

wahaca 4

PS. Mamy hai visto che carino il nuovo ristorante dove sta Julio? E’ coloratissimo e nonostante sia in piena aria di uffici, all’interno e’ molto accogliente. Poi ho assaggiato dei nuovi piatti che non avevo provato le altre volte e devo dire buonissimi! ho assaggiato i tacos con il pesce, una nuova quesadilla che fanno li, che e’ un piatto simile ad una piadina ma ripiena di una crema di funghi fantastica e poi ho chiesto un’insalata e me l’hanno portata in un cestino di pane di mais croccante buonissimo. Veramente particolare!


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