Gnocchi gorgonzola e salvia (-62 weeks)

gnocchi 1

Recipe 121: A real classic recipe, super quick, good and very easy to realize is Gnocchi with Butter and Sage. In this case I decided to slightly change the ingredients to make it a bit more tasty (considering the Gnocchi are from London) but without the butter.

So here are the ingredients you will need for 2 people: 400gr potatoes gnocchi – olive oil – 1 onion (i used a red one) – 80gr Gorgonzola – a bit of milk – 1 glass white wine – some sage leaves – Parmesan – nutmeg – salt and pepper.

Gnocchi 2

Normally i would just put some butter in a pan with the sage leaves in pieces and i would add the gnocchi after. Try this if you have some fresh italian gnocchi.

Instead for this recipe you have to cut the onion and put it in a pan with some olive oil. When cooked add some white wine and wait until evaporated. In the meantime cut the gorgonzola and the sage in pieces. At this point, add the cheese, the sage and some milk, and on a low fire, let the gorgonzola melt slowly. When the ingredients are become a cream, close the fire and just add some nutmeg and salt if needed.

gnocchi 3

In a big saucepan, put a good quantity of water and let it boil with salt. Then put the gnocchi in the water and after maximum 2 minutes, when they finish to come up, take them off the fire and drain them. Finally just add them to the sauce and mix until all the gnocchi are covered by the cream.

Put them in plates with a bit of Parmesan and pepper if you want.

The dish is done! Enjoy!

gnocchi 4

PS. Mamy questa e’ la prima volta che cambio questa ricetta, ma sono talmente rimasta male dal sapore degli gnocchi le altre volte che li ho fatti solo burro e salvia, che questa volta ho deciso di aggiungerci anche un po’ di gorgonzola… e ci sta proprio benissimo. Lo so e’ pesante in ogni modo, ma almeno sa anche di qualcosa.


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