Pasta alla Norma

Recipe 117: This pasta is originally from Sicily but it’s very famous in all Italy for its strong and particular taste. I made this plate with some aubergines that i have fried for the Parmigiana and that i then leaved for this.

Ingredients for 4 people: 500gr pasta (you can use Penne or Spaghetti) – salt – onion – carrot – 300gr tomato sauce – 1kg aubergines – some basil leaves  – 150 ricotta salata (if you can’t find it abroad you can try with Parmesan and a bit of Feta cheese).

Start from the aubergines: like for the Parmigiana, you will need to take off the skin, you will cut them in little slices and you will leave them covered with a bit of salt to take off the water. After one hour you can fried them in a pan with olive oil and you will put them on absorbent paper to dry some oil.

In the time you fry the aubergine you can prepare the tomato sauce: put onion in a pan with boiling oil. When this is cooked, put the tomato sauce, salt and a carrot and leave it cook for a bit on a low fire.

Put the water for the pasta and cut the aubergine in little pieces and some basil leaves too.  Put the pasta in the water and when the tomato sauce is ready add half of the aubergine and half or the basil to the sauce to let it take the aubergine taste.

When the pasta is ready, drain it and add the sauce. Now you just miss to put the ricotta salata (or parmesan and some shave Feta cheese) and decorate the plate with the rest of the basil and the aubergines.

Buon appetito!

PS. Mamy ho un po’ cambiato la tua ricetta perche’ l’aggiunta della ricotta normale mi suona un po’ strana, percio’ ho optato per gli ingredienti classici. Comuque buona, peccato che le melanzane erano un po’ risicate e che qui non vendano la ricotta salata… pero’ in una ricetta ho letto di sostituirla con un po’ di Feta, ma non aveva lo stesso forte sapore, anche se vicino.


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