Italian ice creams in London…the big challenge!

As any other good italian, i love ice cream in any kind of season, weather, and time of the day. In Italy i was also living just on top of one of the most famous ice cream place in Rome… so of course now i miss a good ice cream a lot also if it’s winter!!!!

For ages i asked to other italians where they were going to eat a good and natural ice cream and often the answer was Marine Ices in Chalk Farm, so I finally decided to go and try. Unfortunately my experience wasn’t good at all: a part from the fact that the ice cream is very expensive, the taste doesn’t seems very natural and the consistency is horrible. You can feel some powder in it… nothing to do with the nice creamy italian ice creams!

My boss instead used to love Scoop in Covent Gardens: here i have to say the consistency is good and the price is fear, but the taste also if good, could be even better. However this is better than the previews one.

Of course i need to try some new shops recently opened (like the one in Selfriedges, in Portobello Road, in Holland Park…) but for the moment i can tell you the best ice cream i never eat in London is a little Ice cream stand in Westfield, the commercial centre in Shepherds bush.

The ice cream is called Joe Delucci’s, they are italian and the taste and the ingredients are just amazing! It’s a bit expensive but i swear it’s worth it all!!! I absolutely suggest you to try some of the flavors and especially the Pistacchio… you will be without words. They use a super high quality of fruit and the taste is just unique. So especially now that is Christmas and everyone will go to the commercial centers to buy all the presents, it think a little break with an ice cream in Joe Delucci’s you can’t miss it. I hope you will enjoy and agree with me. Let me know!

PS. Mamy non sai quanto mi manca Tony sotto casa a volte!! Insomma ero cosi disperata un giorno che ho iniziato a chiedere a tutti dove potessi trovare un buon gelato italiano qui a Londra. Quello di cui molti italiani mi avevano parlato si e’ rivelato una delusione. Quello che piace tanto al mio capo, e’ buono ma niente di spettacolare, mentre invece un giorno andando in quel grande centro commerciale in cui vi avevo portato a Natale, ne ho provato uno FENOMENALE… direi anche meglio di Tony. Gli ingredineti che usava erano freschissimi e molto ricercati. Avevano un pistacchio favoloso con tutta la granella dentro! Ultimamente hanno aperto qualche nuova gelateria in giro che non ho ancora provato, ma intanto ho parlato di quelle  piu’ famose. Certo che Tony sia benedetto!


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