Fisarmoniche di melanzane – Stuffed Aubergines

Recipe 115: OK, i confess, this is not my mum’s recipe, but it could easily be! I took this recipe from Sainsbury’s and i was ready to don’t put it in this blog but then it was so good and easy that i couldn’t resist!

To prepare this dish for 3/4 people you will need: 2 Aubergines, 1 and 1/2 mozzarella (250gr), 120gr of streaky bacon, butter, oil and a bit of salt. The preparation is very very easy!

Wash the aubergines and cut the top of each. Then cut them in slices of 1,5 cm but not until the end: the aubergine have to be still entire but you need to make the cut big and deep enough to insert other ingredients. Done that, put some butter in the recipient that you will use for the aubergine, just to avoid them to stick to it.

Now you can start stuffing the aubergines putting some mozzarella and bacon alternatively. If you like, you can also insert some slice of onion. When you finish, add some oil and a bit of salt on top. Then just wait the oven to be a bit hot and then place them in it for 45 minute at 180 degree.

When you will take them out the bacon will be crunchy, the mozzarella will be melted and the aubergines will be tender and tasty!


PS. Mamy questa volta non ho inserito una tua ricetta, ma questa che pensa ho trovato al Supermercato… Avevo bisogno di un contorno rapido e avevo ancora due melanzane in frigo cosi’ ho pensato di provarla. E’ buonissima e facilissima, l’unica cosa ti serve il bacon di un taglio particolare che qui si chiama streaky e che diventa tutto bello croccante quando lo cuoci. Insomma ‘ste melanzane a fisarmonica sono rapidissime e si presentano benissimo! Che te ne pare?


2 responses to “Fisarmoniche di melanzane – Stuffed Aubergines

  1. Thanks for this! So simple, and looks so tasty. Can’t wait to try!

  2. Amazing Misaa,

    but i want the feedback after!!! 🙂

    Lots of kisses

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