Pre-Christmas quick update :( -7Kg)

Here we are… also this Christmas is passed, lots of food was served and it was very nice to stay with the family…but what about my challenge?

Good question :(! I’m in holiday at the moment and i’m not going to be worried about recipes and diet. I let my mum cook, i had just enjoyed the food and i have taken some new recipes to bring with me in London. However i lost another kilo before to leave and my score will be to come back and restart with my regular food diet without any stress.

Let’s see what is going to happen, but i really think is better to have a break from every diet in Christmas and just enjoy the good food and atmosphere. Finally in just one week it can’t happen so much: the gym and new good mood will help in January! Fingers crossed!

PS. Brava mamma per i magnifici piatti di questi giorni! Tutto buonissimo! ora pero’ al mio rientro mi tocchera’ tornare alla mia dieta regolare e speriamo di riuscirci senza troppa sofferenza. Ad ogni modo e’ impossibile rinunaciare alle leccornie natalizie…non potrei per nulla al mondo…sopratutto se preparate da te!

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