Are you for Pandoro or Panettone? (-56 weeks)

This is a classic question in Christmas: do you prefer some Panettone or Pandoro? These are the classic italian ready made dessert in Christmas (on top of the black or white torrone) and you need to have a favorite. It’s a must! Of course you can eat a piece of both but everyone has a preference. So which one you are going to choose?

I personally prefer the Panettone because less greasy and with a more interesting taste: a bit of raisins and candy fruits make the trick. However also the Pandoro is very nice and was my favorite when i was little. It’s super soft and buttery and with the sugar on the top is just good!

The best way to enjoy the Pandoro is to toast it a bit in the oven or on the toaster, but you can also serve it as a cool dessert, just cutting slices and adding nutella or homemade cream between slices. I love that! The cream is good for the  Panettone too but i prefer it alone, just as it is.

And what about you?

PS. Mamy lo so che tu preferisci il Panettone come me ora! E capisco anche papa’ che continua a credere che sia il pandoro il mio preferito… con tutti i pandori che mi sono mangiata da piccola! E guai se mi davi un panettone! a Capodanno comunque non manchera’ sicuro!


3 responses to “Are you for Pandoro or Panettone? (-56 weeks)

  1. Mmmhh… Pandoro with mexican caramel is the best, yummy!

  2. certo se il panettone fosse stato senza black cherry….ahahah

  3. si pero’ aspetta… con la crema pasticcera te l’ho proprio riabilitato!

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