New year’s eve menu’: cotechino, lentils and stuffed panettone!

Recipe 111: and always to follow the tradition, in the new year’s eve dinner i served also the Cotechino with Lentils. This is very common in this date, because in Italy we say the lentils brings money in the new year, so basically everyone eat lentils also if they don’t like them so much!

And this is what happened also in my party, where the majority were french and they have never even try Cotechino before. I’m not a big fan of the this kind of pork sausage, because i find it a bit too greasy, but this one i cooked this year it was really good. My mum’s friend gave it to me saying that it was special made and she was right (grazie Marcella il cotechino era squisito!).

The ingredients i used for 10-11 people are : 400gr green lentils, 1 can of tomatoes sauce, 1 carrot, 1 celery, 1 onion, salt, 1 cotechino pre-cooked (it’s easier ) of 500 gr, but if you are thinking to serve just that or you know you guests will like it, take 1 kg at least.

So i started cooking the lentils and following the recipe i found on the green lentils Sainsbury’s bag. You don’t need to soak them and you will put them directly in a big sauce pan covered with cold water. Add half a carrot in pieces and half a celery in pieces to give flavor, wait until the water will boil and put up the fire for 10 minutes without covering the sauce pan. Then put down the fire a bit and let them cook covered this time, for other 15-20 minute.

In the meantime in another saucepan put the other half of the carrot and the celery and the onion all cut in very little pieces, add some oil, and let it cook a bit. when the onion get gold and the rest is quite cooked, add the can of tomatoes sauce and some salt. Mix and let it cook.

When the lentils are ready take them off the fire, drain them form the water and put them in the tomatoes sauce. This is going to give a better taste to everything. At this point the lentils are ready and we can start with the Cotechino!In the box you will find an aluminum bag with the precooked cotechino inside. You will need to put it in a saucepan with boiling water for 20 minute. After it you can take it out form the saucepan and you will cut one corner of the aluminium bag to drain the cotechino from the water that come out cooking it.

Then place the Cotechino on a plate and take off the skin. It’s an horrible image, but it’s very easy. Then cut it in pieces and place it with the lentils. The secret is to serve it hot, so what i did is to prepare it in the afternoon, and just hot it up with the lentils before to serve it. In this way the lentils will take the rich taste of the meat and this won’t be in direct contact with the fire, so won’t become too dry, dark or hard, but just a bit hot.

To close the New year’s eve menu’, was missing a cake and i made a stuffed Panettone… very easy, traditional and good! In reality i was looking for a pandoro to stuff, but here in London they don’t sell anymore pandoros after Christmas day!!!!!! I was shocked.

However i found for miracle this little panettone and i cut it in slaces that i filled with my home made cream. The recipe is here! I also added some pieces of chocolate torrone from Rome and the dish is done!!!

Buon appetito and Happy New year to all of you!

Ps: Mamy che te ne pare del cotechino e del Panettone! Sono troppo fiera di me! Gli ospiti si sono finiti tutto! e devo dire le lenticchie con gli odori mi sono venute spaziali ed il cotechino era veramente buonissimo! aveva proprio ragione Marcella. Pou volevo fare il pandoro farcito ma qui dopo Natale non si trova piu nulla. Assurdo! quindi ho ripiegato su un panettone piccino che ho trovato al supermercato che pero aveav le ciliegie nere dentro invece che l’uvetta. Vabbe non avevo altra scela, ma con la crema e’ venuto buonissimo. Insomma tra il torrone e le lenticchie con il cotechino che portano soldi e l’aiuto di Julio per servire il tutto, ho affascinato i francesi!


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