Carnival so… Frappe, not frappe’! (-49 weeks)

Recipe 102: it’s not Carnival in Italy without the frappe and for me in February i can’t miss them… especially being in London, so last weekend i made them at home. OK it’s not the easiest dish ever, but it’s really worth to cook it. The recipe is not my mum’s one but it’s something i have from Rome and i love it!

The ingredients for a quite good quantity are: 200gr flour – 2eggs yolk and just one white – 2 big spoons of sugar – a pinch of salt – half of a little spoon of baking powder (have to be just a little bit) – half of a little espresso cup of liquor (Wisky is better  but i used tequila…i had just that at home) and finally 2 half eggshells of olive oil.

At the beginning you will just need to add all the ingredients together except one half eggshell of olive oil. Keep this for later. Mix everything before with a spoon and then directly with your hands until you will have a uniform dough. Add a bit more of oil if you can’t make it yet.

At this point you will need to extend the dough and put some more oil on it. Let the oil be absorbed by the dough and close it in 4 following the pictures.

You will create a dough again and you will extend it another time to put some more oil. Now close it again and create another dough. Repeat the same until the end of the oil.

After all this work the pasta will be very very elastic, but you will need to extend it again and cut some big strips.

In the meantime prepare a pan with some boiling oil and put the stripes one by one. The oil need to cover and fried them. Be careful it’s question of just few minutes so keep on checking and turning them to avoid to burn them.

Take them off form the oil as soon as they start to take enough color. Put the on some absorbent paper and then pass them in a new clean plate. Just put some icy sugar on top and serve…better if still a little warm!

Enjoy and… have a good Carnival!

PS. Mamy guarda e’ stata dura ma al secondo tentativo je l’ho fatta! e devi vedere come sono sparite! ero troppo contenta e non e’ carnevale senza frappe! e poi che sto un altro anno senza mangiarne nemmeno una? e invece eccole qui, con la mitica ricetta Dalla Torre ho portato le Frappe pure a Londra!!!(neanche a dirvi che qui non le hanno mai sentite nominare).


2 responses to “Carnival so… Frappe, not frappe’! (-49 weeks)

  1. ricetta Dalla Torre???!!! mi ricorda qualcuno… 🙂

  2. tequila?? 😀

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