Aubergines side order or starter: 3 options

Recipe 101: This time i will show 3 ways to cook aubergines as a simple side dish for everyday. They are a quick and easy solution just to variate a bit your diet and eat your one a day portion of vegetable. I’m also sure it’s a dish children will love!

The ingredients for the 3 options are : 2 aubergine for dish, 1 tomato sauce can, Parmesan, olive oil, salt and pepper.

For any of the 3 options you will start by washing and cutting the aubergines. In this first dish you will need them in little pieces. Then put them in a pan with just one or two spoons of olive oil and some salt. Leave them there on a law fire , add some salt and pepper and mix them every now and then.

Also if they will seem a bit dry, after a bit they will get soft and they will cook with their own water. If you want you can add some more oil but don’t exaggerate because you won’t need it so much.

At the end they will appear soft and saucy like in the picture and you can serve them as a side order or you can make some nice starter… just remember to add some Parmesan because the combination of the two is amazing!

Another option is to make them grilled, so you will need to cut them in thin slices and put them in the oven with a bit of oil and salt. After a bit, check them and if they seems quite cooked, turn them adding some more oil and salt.

When ready they will be a bit crunchy and tasty, but if you have it, try to eat them with a bit of Pesto sauce in one side. I think  this combination is very good too. Also these ones can be served as a starter, but better if with other grilled vegetables, like courgettes or peppers.

Finally you can have also the option to eat some aubergines with tomato sauce: just follow the first recipe and when they are almost cooked, add some tomato sauce, other salt and pepper…even basil if you have.

Let the sauce get a bit thick and serve hot, always with some Parmesan!

Now you just need to choose if you prefer them in white, with tomato sauce or grilled! ENJOY!

PS: Mamy, ormai sono un’esperta cone le melanzane..le ho provate davvero in tutte le salse! Sara’ che qui ce le hanno sempre, o perche’ tu le facevi spesso a casa, ma anche per non mangiare sempre la solita verdura, trovo che siano un’ingrediente proprio versatile! Certo tutto quest’olio non e’ il massimo, pero’ almeno mangio verdura!


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