Piccatine al prezzemolo – Parsley veal (-46 weeks)

Recipe 97: On saturday i cooked another lovely meat dish, with veal of course, my favorite. The recipe is very easy and it will just give  a good shake to your weekly boring dinner.

Ingredients for 2 people: 250gr of veal ( i could find just escalope but they cut them for me really thin), 1 spoon of tritured parsley, one lemon, one vegetable stock, 1 egg yolk, 25 gr of butter, some flour, salt and pepper.

Let’s start from something easy: just put the veal in some flour and then, when well covered in an hot pan with some butter. Wait for the veal to cook and get colored.

In the meantime triture some parsley  and put the vegetable stock in a pan with some boiled water.

When the meat is cooked put it on a plate and instead pour in the pan 2 spoons of stock water, the egg yolk, the parsley, the lemon and a pinch of salt. Mix everything on a low fire and wait for the liquid to get thick.

Once it’s ready, pour it on the meat and enjoy!

PS: Mamy ho seguito la tua ricetta alla lettera e benche’ non mi ricordassi per niente questo piatto, e’ buonissima!!!! Il prezzemolo con l’uovo ed il limone gli da un sapore che e’ proprio una meraviglia ed e’ facilissima da fare! Brava Mamy!


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