Simple roasted peppers (-43weeks)

Recipe 89: This is one of my mum’s favourite. She just loves roasted peppers and she prepares this dish as a little sunday treat for her. I have to say it’s a simple and very tasty side order, so good to be served with any kind of meat, but also good as a little starter on toast.

You will just need 3-4 peppers, olive oil, salt and capers. Nothing more!

Wash the peppers and put them in the oven on a little grid if you can. I have placed underneath a baking pan with some foil, to collect the juice they will release cooking.

I put the oven at 140 /160 and i left them there for around half an hour. When you will see they are well cooked, you can take them out.

At this point cut them in little slices taking off the center of the peppers. Place them in a bowl with some salt, olive oil and capers and the dish is ready!

Serve it with some toasted bread and enjoy!

PS. Mamy l’altra settimana ho comprato i pepperoni per fare il pollo e ti ho pensata, cosi’ ho deciso di cucinare anche i peperoni arrosto che ti piacciono tanto e che adesso piacciono anche a me! e pensare che da piccola non li soffrivo! comunque l’aggiunta dei capperi e’ proprio la ciliegina sulla torta. Brava mamma!


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