Easter Breakfast – Colazione di Pasqua (-42 weeks)

Recipe 87: Yesterday i had the classic italian Easter breakfast that we use to do with boiled eggs and salami. I think is the only occasion in Italy where we have a salty breakfast! However to make the breakfats truly complete and traditional i made some Easter cheese pizza bread that we call Pizza Pasqualina. With eggs and salami it’s just perfect!

These are the ingredients: 250gr flour, 2eggs, 35gr of pecorino and 15gr of Parmesan, than 50 gr of  Emmenthal in little pieces, 50 ml olive oil, 50 ml water, salt, pepper and 25gr of yeast.

Take the yeast and put it in some warm water until it get totally liquid. Mix this with all the other ingredients: the grated cheese, the Emmenthal in pieces, the flour, the 2 whole eggs.

Measure 50 ml of olive oil, and 50 ml of water, then add some salt and pepper and mix all with the rest. It will become a very soft dough that you will need to place in a recipient covered for 1 hour, 1hour and half.

Then you can directly pass it in the oven at 180 degree for 1 hour or until it get goldish on the top. Then cut it and serve it with salami and eggs and the breakfast is ready!

Then of course you will have the best breakfast ever if you will offer also a piece of the classic Colomba and an Easter Chocolate egg. You can’t miss that in Easter!

Buon appetito and Happy easter!

PS. Mamy anche questa Pasqua e’ passata, ma mi sono divertita a fare questa pizza Pasqualina. E’ cosi tradizionale e poi fatta in casa e’ tutta un’altra cosa rispetto a quella comprata! Nel frattempo auguri di buona Pasquetta!


3 responses to “Easter Breakfast – Colazione di Pasqua (-42 weeks)

  1. peccato fossi a Berlino…altrimenti un pezzo della tua pizza pasqualina non me lo sarei perso per niente al mondo!!!! 😉

  2. Dai che quando verrai ti cucino qualcosa di speciale qui!

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