Polenta for starter and/or main course (-35 weeks)

Recipe 75: Finally it arrived the summer also in London, but i swear last weekend was still very cold and it rained like in winter, so i decided to cook the last winter dish of the season: Polenta! I prepare starer and main course with that but i think you can enjoy the same starter also with a good weather like in these days.

Ingredients: i bougth the quick Polenta in Carluccio and they sell it in packet of 500gr, but you will need for 3 people no more than 250 gr, then butter, some cheese like brie or better gorgonzola if you like it, Parmesan, salt and pepper.

If you prepare the polenta with the quick prepared flour, it’s really quick and easy, otherwise you will need to spend much more time mixing the ingredients. Instead in this case you will just need to boil 1 litre of water and the pour the polenta flour little by little always mixing and adding 1 and half little spoon of salt and some grated pepper.

After a bit the flour will start to take consistency and it will almost appear like mash potatoes. Keep on mixing for 8 minutes trying to eliminate any clot. Then just turn off the fire and place it in a container with some baking paper to et it cold down.

Now the polenta will be so thick that you will able to cut it in pieces, so you can decide to serve it as a starter or just as a main course.  For the starter i suggest you to cut it in little pieces and put it in the oven with some piece of brie or gorgonzola. Cover them with another piece of polenta and put a bit of butter and parmesan on the top.

Put it in the grill for some minute until the cheese will be melted and the top a bit crunchy and brownish. i serve it in a plate with some fresh celery and humus.

For the main course you will absolutely need a meet sauce to serve with eat, so i suggest you to see the previous recipe. With the involtini and their sauce it was just perfect!


PS. Mamy l’altra settimana ho finalmente comprato la polenta. Faceva un freddo tale che ci stava proprio bene! Ho pensato di cucinarci sia un piccolo antipasto, tipo mini polenta concia (come mi manca quella di campiglio) e poi l’ho servita con gli involtini ed il sugo di carne! Semplice, rapida e buonissima!


2 responses to “Polenta for starter and/or main course (-35 weeks)

  1. la polenta concia di Campiglio!!!!! quest’anno??? riesci a venire?? 😉

  2. E penso proprio di si! Faro’ il possibile!

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