Crostini alle alici – Anchovies crostini (-33 weeks)

Recipe 71:  Perfect as a starter, but also as a family maincourse, especially if you have children at home… they will love it. My mum used to do it often because it’s very easy, cheap and i just couldn’t stop to eat them. In the weekend i invited an italian friend at my place and when i gave her the crostini, she was just so happy! It a classic also in her house!

Ingredients 2 people: 6 slices of bread, 2 or 3 anchovies in olive oil, 1 mozzarella, and some butter. Nothing else!

Cut the bread in little squares. You can also cut the borders if you want. Put them under the grill with a little piece of mozzarella on top and wait for 5-10 minutes.

In the meantime take the anchovies and cut them in little pieces. Put some butter in a pan and on a low fire and add the anchovies. Let the butter melt and in the meantime, with the help of a little spoon, press the anchovies and mix them with the butter. After a bit this will take the consistency of a cream. If you want and you have it, you can also add some “anchovies paste”, but then put just one anchovy.

When the mozzarella will be melted and the bread will be crunchy, take them out of the oven and just place on all of them a bit of the anchovies and butter cream!  OK maybe the look it’s not amazing, but the taste you can believe me it’s really good!

Just try! It’s so easy…and leave a comment here after please!

I hope you will enjoy!

PS. Mamy te li ricordi i mitici crostini di alici che mi piacevano tanto??? avevo comprato le alici per il vitel tonne’ e non ho potuto resistere! Anna ed io ci siamo leccate i baffi! Penso siamo ritornate indietro di 20 anni!


2 responses to “Crostini alle alici – Anchovies crostini (-33 weeks)

  1. è troppo bello leggere le ricette che ti fanno tornare bambina!!!! 🙂

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