Pasta al sugo di carne – Pasta with the meat sauce (Product testing)

Recipe 70: After all the hard work with the veal and considering the good quantity of sauce it came with, i couldn’t resist to cook one classic italian recipe: pasta with the meat sauce… and when this is white, so without tomato sauce, i prefer it even more.

For the ingredients i can just tell you to follow the previews recipes and keep some sauce on a side in a container. The buy some good pasta, salt, Parmesan and the dish will be ready!

Speaking about pasta i just come back from Identita’ London, the International Chef Congress, and everyone was just speaking about this new shape of pasta called Calle, created by Pastificio dei Campi and the chef Gennaro Esposito… so i needed to try it!

It’s a very  high quality pasta made in Gragnano, following old traditions and with an high level of protein that maintain the pasta “al dente”. It’s also particularly rough, outside and inside, to keep better the sauce and give you a totally different experience.

The recipe it’s very easy: you will just need to boil the pasta for the time indicated, and hot up the meat sauce in a pan, waiting for it to become a bit thick and not too liquid.

Add the pasta to the sauce 2 minute before the cooking time, and finish to cook it in the pan. Here the pasta will have the time to suck the sauce and your dish will be ready.

Just add some Parmesan and Buon appetito!

PS. Mamy il tuo sugo di carne in bianco non lo supera nesuno, ma devo dire che anche quello che ho fatto con il vitel tonne’ non era niente male. Poi ho usato questa nuova pasta che ho scoperto in questi giorni, che oltre ad essere bella spessa e consistente ‘e anche particolarmente ruvida, e con il sugo di carne ci stava proprio bene. Che te ne pare?


One response to “Pasta al sugo di carne – Pasta with the meat sauce (Product testing)

  1. da paura!!!! 🙂

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