Mousse di pesche – Peaches mousse (-31 weeks)

Recipe 67: The summer is here and that’s the time of the good fresh fruit and ice creams! During the week i was desperate for some sweet stuff but i have been eating and drinking so much lately that i could not thing in anything then fruit and i remembered the nectarines with sugar my mum used to prepare when i was little. So i went online and i looked for something similar and i found an amazing recipe, very ligh, fresh and really good! I just made some little changes and here it is!

Ingredients for 2 people: 4 peaches, a spoon of tequila or Amaretto di Saronno if you like almonds taste, 3white eggs, 60gr of sugar, some biscuit or amaretto for the decoration.

The recipe is super easy: wash 3 peaches, cut them in half, take of the skin and the stone and put them in a blender in little pieces. Add 40gr sugar and a spoon of liquor. Mix it all until all gets liquid and place it in a side.

At this point you need to whip up the white of 3 eggs. For me that was always something very difficult to do, but with the new machine it was very easy. However the recipe was suggesting to put some drops of lemon juice in it and it’s something i never seen before, so maybe was also for this reason that it came particularly well.

While you are mixing the whites, add 20 gr of sugar little by little until it becomes a mousse. Then add this to the peach juice you created before and after mixing, serve in glasses and place in the freezer for some hours.

Half an hour before to serve it to your guests cut the remaining peach in slices and marinate it with a bit of sugar and a little spoon of the liquor you have previously used. Then take out from the fridge the glasses with the mousse and wait around 20 minute for the mix to defrost a bit.

Finally add the peaces slices with the sugar on top and some little pieces of biscuits or amaretto or almonds!


PS. Mamy gironzolando online e pensando alle tue pesche con lo zucchero ho trovato questa ricetta meravigliosa. Non contiene ne’ burro, ne’ latte…praticamente nulla se non un pochino di zucchero ed e’ fresca e buonissima! Super dietetica! Provala provala e fammi sapere!


4 responses to “Mousse di pesche – Peaches mousse (-31 weeks)

  1. Anything with amaretto is an instant winner! Grazzi. 😀

  2. That does sound good. I am wondering what other fruit would be good in it?

  3. strawberries?
    (aspetto le foto della cena 😉 )

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