Caramelle salate – salty little candies (-6 kg!!!)

Recipe 59: This is a classic of my mum’s dinners with guests. It’s something she used to do very often when i was little because it’s a very easy starter but really good and everyone like it. She call them the salty candies o caramelle satate!

Ingredients for 4 people: Buy some puff pastry or brick leaf (you can find this in Waitrose), 2-3 frankfurters, one mozzarella, 1 egg and some olive oil.

The preparation it’s very very easy: just stretch the puff pastry until very thin and cut it in squares. If you are using the brick leaf instead you will need to double each of them and cut it in some big pieces.

Then cut the frankfurt and the mozzarella in pieces and put one of each in the little pastry squares or brick leaf. Using the pastry you will be able to close them exactly like a classic candy and they will look really nice. If you are instead using the brick leaf you will need to close it like little sack and you will need a tooth peak for each.

Once ready, place them in a baking pan and pour on the top some olive oil or, if you have a brush, you could apply some egg. This is very important especially when you use the puff pastry, because it will be the final nice color to the candies.

Put in the oven for 20 minutes at 180 but check it often just to don’t make them burn. Serve it without stick if you can take it away and enjoy!

These instead are the ones made with puff pastry!

And now, after the recipe i give you a little update before the holidays: i have reached – 6kg and this thanks to some alcohol free weekends, after lots of weeks of parties, and thanks to a bit of sport more. I mean i needed to, considering i will comeback in Italy for 2 weeks and there will be really hard to don’t fell in temptation with the food. So let’s hope it’s not going to be a massive disaster otherwise i won’t be able to lose other 4 kg before january!

PS. Mamy te le ricordi le caramelle! queste sono sempre state una delle mie ricette di punta! facile rapide e che piacciono a tutte. Avevamo un po’ di questi fogli di pasta sfoglia a casa e ho pensato di fare questi sacchettini, visto che la vera forma di caramella non tiene con questi. E visto che non avevo uova le ho spennelate con un pochino di olio e son venute bene! ah sono scesa un altro kg, giusto in tempo per le abbuffate campigliesche! Speriamo bene! Ci vediamo tra pochissimo!


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  1. brava secca!

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