Frittata con le zucchine – Italian omelette with courgettes

Recipe 55: I’m still in holiday in the north of Italy and everyday here we go walking around the mountains and we always use to bring with us some sandwiches to have lunch out. So i decided to post this recipe because it was a must when I was little , the classic “frittata”.

This is something super easy that you can serve as a starter,  or as a light dish with some salad or vegetable, but especially you can put in the bread for a nice sandwich. I used to love it and it was my classic sandwich every time I was going around with the school, so I couldn’t resist preparing it again here too.

Ingredients for 3 people: you can use 4 or 5 eggs, one little spoon of Parmesan per person, pepper, salt olive oil and than you can choose to use 1 big courgette or also just with onion is good.

Cut the onion or the courgette in very little slices and place them in a pan to cook with some olive oil. In the meantime put some eggs in a container with some Parmesan, salt, pepper. Mix everything and when the courgettes will be soft, add the mix in the pan and leave it to cook on a low fire.

Cover with a tap to let it cook also on the top and after a bit, when quite cook at the base, try to turn it. You can use a flat tap so will be easier to turn it or just use some wooden fork or spoon.

Let it cook a bit also on the other side and then serve it in a plate or just cut a slice to make a nice and rich sandwich. If you can have it a focaccia bread it’s going to be amazing!

PS. Mamy sono brava anche io a fare la frittata di zucchine eh??? T’e’ piaciuta vero? Comunque il trucco del coperchio proprio non lo sapevo!


One response to “Frittata con le zucchine – Italian omelette with courgettes

  1. grande Francesca!!!! la chicca del coperchio è stupenda! 😉

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