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I found my favourite trainer!!!

Patrick, this is the name !! He is my idol and he will really be my “friend of diet”.

So yesterday i came back to the gym to give another chance to the Aerobiking. OK, the idea to meet again the crazy teacher was scary, but maybe knowing a bit more the class, i thought i could have survived. On top of that i had a terrible day and i needed to push everything out.

Patrick pandaAnd instead ….surprise, surprise… i found the most amazing teacher ever!

He is a big man, not super fit really and in his age, but absolutely funny, entertaining and really passionate for biking. He put a very nice music, he made us doing exercises finally FOLLOWING the music (not like the other teacher, just worried about velocity and strength) and the 45 minutes class was just a nice, distressing and powerful class. He pushed us to maintain the rhythm and finish all the exercises just with all his energy and …his fantastic voice. Yes, he sang with his strong black voice during all the whole lesson!!!

It was exactly what i needed: the music was driving us and i gave all the energy i had without not even realizing we were at the end of the class. I loved it!

So now it’s sure: everything depends by your gym trainer! Thank you Patrick! this was an aerobiking class!

PS. Mamy ieri sono tornata in palestra per provare di nuovo quella classe di cyclette di cui ho gia’ parlato. Ebbene, questa volta mi sono divertita un sacco. Il maestro e’ un omone con una super voce, che ha cantato tutto il tempo, per farci mantenere il ritmo e farci tirare fuori tutta la nostra energia! Divertentissimo! Ora che ho scoperto lui, ci tornero’ sempre!


My new fitness club (will it last for 70 weeks?)

In my “friend of the diet” category I can’t avoid to add a little note about my latest fitness club.

So in September i was lucky and i found a super deal in a nice club near my house: 70 £ all included until December and no contract.

This means that for the next 3 months i will be able to participate to all the classes i want and i can use the swimming pool and the squash court without paying anything else. “Great” i said!

aerobiking??? Yesterday was my first class and first step to reach my diet goal! So at 7pm i was in the AEROBIKING class: I was thinking that bike + music could be a quite fair solution to sweat but with fun….it was just hell and the most horrible thing weren’t the exercises, but the SEAT of the bike!!!! However i couldn’t follow all the class properly, considering was a second level and i wasn’t trained at all, but i reached the end!

And because i didn’t have fun and i felt not satisfied, i decided to swim a bit and then i was HAPPY! The water is my element, i love swimming and it just make me feel good and relaxed … but don’t worry, i will keep on trying the rest of the courses…maybe i will find some other funny sport to alternate a bit with the swim.

Next class on wednesday… I will keep you updated!

PS. Mamy finalmente ieri sono tornata in palestra! Il problema e’ che ho voluto iniziare con una classe un po’ complessa, una specie di cyclette con la musica. TROPPO FATICOSO non hai idea e poi il sellino mi sta ancora facendo vedere le stelle. Comunque poi ho fatto un tuffo in piscina e mi sono ripresa. Domani ho un’altra lezione…. vediamo che succede!