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Cenci Cake: jam, fruit, amaretti and chocolate

Recipe 24: This is the second cake i cooked last weekend and for how much I’m sure was good the original recipe, i have made some little change, considering also that some of the ingredients are not available in this country.

Here the original ingredients and the ones i used to make a little Cenci cake: a part from the Pasta frolla that you can make following this recipe, buy 2-3 pears or apple, you will need some marsala, but i have add a bit of other liquor i had at home, some apricot jam, 150gr amaretti then i added also the white of one egg and chocolate in powder.

Wash, peel and cut the pears or the apples in pieces. Let them cook a bit on the fire with some water, while in the meantime you will stretch the pasta frolla, and you will create the base of your cake. Place it in a baking pan on some baking paper, make the base really thin and then create some holes with a fork to avoid the pasta to grow up and create bubbles.

Take off the pear from the fire and drain them from their liquid. Mix to this a bit of liquor and in the meantime place one layer of apricot jam directly on the base of the cake and then add on top the pears.

Whip up one white egg with a mixer and add then to this the pear juice with the liquor and some spoon of apricot jam. In reality the recipe was just requiring at this point to mix the apricot jam with some marsala egg flavored, but i thought that this mix could be equally standing for that.

Place the mix on top of the pears and cover with 150gr of smashed amaretti. Finish the cake with a good quantity of chocolate in powder, but you can just put it in the oven like this and once ready cover it with melted dark chocolate. In UK infact the powder chocolate is not so sweet and i think could be better just the melted chocolate to make it more sweet and delicious.

Put it in a pre-hotted oven at 180-200 degree and after 30-40 minutes, place a thootpick in the pasta to check if ready.

Serve it hot and enjoy!

PS. Mamy ti piace questa torta? diciamo che anche a causa della mancanza di ingredienti ho fatto dei piccoli cambi, ma il binomio pere e cioccolato lo dovevo per forza provare. Comunque anche con le mele non deve essere male! Il probelma maggiore qui e’ la cioccolate: in polvere e’ troppo amara. la prossima volta la rifinisco con il cioccolato colato sopra.


Peaches and amaretti charlotte cake (-11 weeks)

Recipe 25: This weekend I decided to cook 2 cakes following the recipes my mum gave me: one was a cake she tried in an Italian hotel, really good but where I did some changes. The other one instead is a real recipe, that sounds really good also if I don’t remember my mum doing it, but probably i missed that dinner.

Both of these cakes have a pasta frolla base, so I decided to try both in 2 little versions, just hoping one of the 2 was coming out good.

The ingredients for a little peaches Charlotte cake are for the pasta frolla: 150 gr. flour– 75 gr. butter – 75 gr. sugar – 1 egg yolk – a pinch of salt. For the filling:   100 gr. amaretti  – 75 gr. grated almonds – 2 eggs – 2 spoons of sugar – 2spoons of milk, 300/400 gr peaches in syrup.

Start preparing the pasta frolla following these instructions. Then place it in the fridge for half an hour and in the meantime prepare the baking pan. You can place some butter and flour in it, or just some baking paper as in the picture, to avoid the cake to stick.

Then stretch the pasta and create a circle that will be the base of the cake. Have to be really thin. Place it in the pan and create some holes all around with a fork to let the air goes out while cooking in the oven.

Put the crashed amaretti in the cake with the grated almonds too. Then add the peaches’ slices.

In another container mix 2 egg yolks with the sugar, the milk and the 2 egg whites wiped up. Pour all this mix on the peaches and place  the cake in the oven already hot, at around 180 degree for 45 minutes.

When the top will become a bit dark, take out the cake and try with a toothpick if the pasta is cooked. If this will come up dry the cake it’s ready.

Then serve it hot also with some icing sugar on top if you like.

PS. Mamy nonostante non abbia mai provato la tua, a me la mia versione e’ piaciuta molto! L’amaretto con le pesche mordite e le mandorle sta benissimo!

Mousse di pesche – Peaches mousse (-31 weeks)

Recipe 67: The summer is here and that’s the time of the good fresh fruit and ice creams! During the week i was desperate for some sweet stuff but i have been eating and drinking so much lately that i could not thing in anything then fruit and i remembered the nectarines with sugar my mum used to prepare when i was little. So i went online and i looked for something similar and i found an amazing recipe, very ligh, fresh and really good! I just made some little changes and here it is!

Ingredients for 2 people: 4 peaches, a spoon of tequila or Amaretto di Saronno if you like almonds taste, 3white eggs, 60gr of sugar, some biscuit or amaretto for the decoration.

The recipe is super easy: wash 3 peaches, cut them in half, take of the skin and the stone and put them in a blender in little pieces. Add 40gr sugar and a spoon of liquor. Mix it all until all gets liquid and place it in a side.

At this point you need to whip up the white of 3 eggs. For me that was always something very difficult to do, but with the new machine it was very easy. However the recipe was suggesting to put some drops of lemon juice in it and it’s something i never seen before, so maybe was also for this reason that it came particularly well.

While you are mixing the whites, add 20 gr of sugar little by little until it becomes a mousse. Then add this to the peach juice you created before and after mixing, serve in glasses and place in the freezer for some hours.

Half an hour before to serve it to your guests cut the remaining peach in slices and marinate it with a bit of sugar and a little spoon of the liquor you have previously used. Then take out from the fridge the glasses with the mousse and wait around 20 minute for the mix to defrost a bit.

Finally add the peaces slices with the sugar on top and some little pieces of biscuits or amaretto or almonds!


PS. Mamy gironzolando online e pensando alle tue pesche con lo zucchero ho trovato questa ricetta meravigliosa. Non contiene ne’ burro, ne’ latte…praticamente nulla se non un pochino di zucchero ed e’ fresca e buonissima! Super dietetica! Provala provala e fammi sapere!