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Highlights from the Dolce vita event (11/14 March-London)

Finally i felt again at home for 2 afternoon: lots of great food, wines, nice people and fun.

Maybe for the majority of the stands it was a really hard work, because the event was really packed and the people were quite demanding, but i think it came up a good image of Italy and its products. Here some highlights for you and soon some good product testing too.

Let’s start from the very south with some good treats from Sicily: i couldn’t resist to try the sweets made with almonds, the amazing Cannoli from Trapani and the classic Arancini.

Then i had the pleasure to meet some nice people from Puglia, Roberto Maci with his amazing Taralli (the best ones of the event), Maria Alessia Masiello from “La perla del sud” with a nice concept to relaunch the territory from also a food prospective, and finally i tried the olive oil from Alberobello, very very good and not expensive at all, and for the first time le “fave fritte”, a kind of fried seed you can see in the picture. I loved that!

Then i have to say a massive thanks to Andrea Livi, who bring from Caserta, some oustanding Bufala Mozzarella in the event. He was the only one to present this product and on top of the superb taste and quality of the mozzarella, i felt in love with their logo and concept “Bianca la Bufala“. The dishes they prepared speak alone!

Then, going up in the peninsula i have met the stand of  Cinque Terre Riviera: as everyone knows that is an amazing place in Italy and this company has created a nice packet of occasions in that place for everyone to enjoy. There are rentals for any necessity, from holiday to wedding cerimonies and lots of services like also cooking lessons to enjoy the food of the territory in the best way. At the stand they brought their own chef , Lorenzo Lazzeri, in charge of the courses in Italy, who was explaining the products and preparing amazing dishes.

From Piemonte instead i found a big stand “Gustar divino“, that was selling from cheeses, to ham, wines and of course cakes and sweets. Here i tried the classic “Brutti e Buoni”, a crunchy biscuit made of some particular nuts and sugar…. i was without words and it remind me the summer holiday in the north of Italy.

Lots were also the stands of wines and liquors but i leave you the link to Buongusto wines, where i tried an amazing Sangiovese, Trottolo Montecucco, and to Evangelista e Sauro for their nice vibe and their great Limoncello that could not miss an event like this.

Finally i’m very proud to announce my favourite stands: ICECREAM! That is a real need in London and i’m always looking for a good place where to enjoy a nice one. Now i’m pleaced to present you two nice choices for your icecream time. The first one is Ariela, who you will find in different places in London but especially in Hampstead with “Slice of ice” (try the flavour cream and rasberry fruit), while the other is Oddono’s, with its funny gang, that you probably saw in Selfridges. This is a very reach creamy icecream and i loved its Bacio flavour. Now i finally know where to go for a nice relaxing bit of italian icecream.

But my best highlight and satisfaction was to meet the king of the italian restaurants here in London. Thanks to Foodinthecity, with Niccolo’ Bittante e Simon Johnson, i could have this picture with Carluccio!!! Hilarous!

PS. Mamy sono stata per due giorni ad un evento che si e’ svolto qui a Londra con l’esposizioni di vari prodotti italiani : oltre ad essermi divertita un sacco, aver respirato un po’ d’aria di casa e aver fatto un sacco di incontri interessanti, non sai che buoni prodotti ho trovato, biologici, naturali e freschissimi. Poi ho finalmente trovato anche due bei nuovi posti capaci di fare dei bei coni gelato all’italiana ed mi hanno fatto la foto con Carluccio che e’ il proprietario della catena di ristoranti italiani piu’ famosa qui a Londra! Sono stati pomeriggi esilaranti!