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Tilt birthday cake: pan di spagna, fragole e rabarbaro (-18 weeks)

Recipe 40: It’s already one year I’m writing on this blog. I cooked lots of recipe,100 with this one to be precise and others will come soon. Lots of dinners with friends have been organized and my little tilt project has grown up and made me enjoy lots of nights and days. Here is the cake I have prepared to celebrate this day that I wasn’t  thinking could have arrived so quickly! This is my master cake! I’m very proud of it.

It was a long time I wanted to do a cake like this, like the ones in the shops or in TV and it came out great! I used the Pan di Spagna recipe from my mum and then I invented the filling and the cream to cover it.

And here are the ingredients i used:

Pan di Spagna:  4 eggs, 200gr flour and 200gr sugar, 1 spoon of baking powder. For the cream: 400 gr rhubarb and 300gr strawberries, 60 gr sugar and the cream (that you can find here). For the cover: I just used 100 gr of white chocolate and 300 gr of cream to whip up.

Start the preparation from the sponge: mix the egg yolks with the sugar, then add the flower mixing one spoon of baking powder too and the egg whites whipped up! Mix it all and place it in a baking pan and in a pre-hot oven at around 200 degree for 20-30 minutes. Then start to check the color and when it seems ready, try to insert a toothpick in it. If it come out dry, the cake is ready, otherwise leave it in the oven for longer.

While the cake is in the oven prepare the filling: wash and cut the strawberry and the rhubarb! This you will need to clean it like celery, taking off all the filaments. Then place everything in a sauce pan with the sugar, mix and wait for the sugar to melt and the fruit to let their water out. This will become almost a jam, so when everything is well mixed and melted, take it of the fire.

Then prepare the cream. In this xcase I just use 1 egg,  50gr sugar, a spoon of flour and 200grof milk because I thought it was going to be enough. When ready mix it with the jam and the filling is done! Take the cake out of the oven and try to cut it in three slices. At this point put the cream between the layers and close with the top of the sponge.

For the cream to cover it, place a sauce pan with boiling water on the fire and place in it another little sauce pan with the chocolate . In this way the chocolate will melt without stick or burn. Whip up the cream and then add the melted chocolate. Cover with this all the cake and add some strawberries on the top.

The cake is ready!

Happy birthday TILT!

Ps. Mamy pretendo tu faccia gli auguri al tuo piccolo figlio TILT PROJECT.  Alla fine senza le tue ricette non esisterebbe! Grazie per tutti questi bei piatti Mamy!