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Chocolate and raspberries cheesecake (-24 weeks)

Recipe 52:  We are almost at the end of this holiday and I couldn’t leave without doing a cake. The problem is that here we don’t have the oven and not even the kitchen instruments I have at home. So it was quite difficult to think in a cake recipe, but I also couldn’t resist to use some fresh forest fruits! Here there are some amazing raspberries and blackberries! So what about a cheesecake?

Ingredients: 200gr biscuits (I used the “Campagnole” from Mulino Bianco… the best biscuits ever in Italy), 100 gr butter, 400gr Philadelphia (I used half normal and half light), then 60 gr sugar, 1 egg, and  50gr dark chocolate (I used just 30gr for half cake)  and/or  50 gr of raspberries ( they are sweeter than blackberries). You can even add some iced sugar on top and marshmallows if you like it.

Mash the biscuits until reduce them in powder, and add the butter already melted. Mix it all and place it in a baking pan creating the base of the cake.

In another container place the Philadelphia cheese, 40gr sugar and the egg yolk. Mix all well and then add also the white of the egg already whipped up. Fill the base of the cake with the mix and use a knife to make it homogeneous.

Now do you prefer to cover it with chocolate or rasberries sauce? For the chocolate put some water to boil in a saucepan and place the dark chocolate in another little saucepan. Place this one in the water and let the chocolate melt slowly ( this system in Italian is called “a bagno maria”). When ready spread the chocolate on the cake and add some iced sugar or marshmellows if you like.

If you prefer the raspberry sauce, place some rasperries in a saucepan with some sugar (one spoon and half) and let it melt. You can add some water if you need but I don’t think you will need. When ready, cover the cake with the sauce and you can also add some fresh fruit to make it looks better.

Place it in the fridge for at least 2-3 hours and serve it cold! Buon appetito!

PS. Mamy che mi dici della colazione a base di cheesecake? Anche se non era proprio una tua ricetta sono fiera di aver trovato una torta da poter preparare senza forno ma con frutta fresca e poi cucinare insieme e’ stato troppo divertente… specialmente sperimentando la salsa di lamponi 🙂


Chocolate Salami…recicling Easter eggs

Recipe 84: I was thinking what i was going to do with the Easter chocolate egg we still have at home and then the idea… of course the chocolate salami or Salame al cioccolato. This was a must when i was little. I used to love it so much and this was the better excuse to cook it again.

Ingredients: 200gr chocolate (better if dark but in this case i just used the one for the Easter egg), 100 gr sugar, 100gr butter, 2 eggs, some almond in pieces if you like them and 300gr biscuits.

This is a very quick recipe too because you don’t need to cook anything. Take your Easter chocolate egg or any chocolate and cut it in pieces and place them in a saucepan. Put another bigger saucepan on the fire with some boiling water and place the little saucepan in it. In this way the chocolate will melt without burn or being in direct contact with the fire.

While the chocolate is melting you can crumble the biscuits and put them in a recipient.

In another bowl put the butter, the sugar and the 2 eggs and mix it all until the butter get very soft. Then you can add the chocolate and mix again until all the ingredients are nicely blended.

At this point you can add the crumbled biscuits, the almond in pieces if you like them and i have also added some chocolate sprinkle to give more color. Unfortunately the chocolate egg was made with a very milky chocolate and the color is not as dark as was supposed to be.

Put all the mix on a big aluminum paper and close it giving the shape of a salami. Put in the fridge for at least half an hour and then serve it in slices.


PS. Mamy hai visto di cosa mi sono ricordata? il mitico salame di cioccolata… che a dire la verita’ sembra piu’ una mortadella visto il colore, ma che comunque mi ricorda un sacco quelli che facevamo quando ero piccola. Ho usato l’uovo di Pasqua che c’era avanzato, ma era di queste cioccolate molto al latte, percio’ spero solo non sia troppo dolce.