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Wrapped chicken breasts – Petti di pollo in camicia (-16 weeks)

Recipe 36: this is another easy recipe that sometimes my mum used to prepare to change a bit. The chicken is something that goes well with lots of ingredients but especially with cheese, so you can try this recipe with cheese and ham or you can also try the same but with some mushrooms.

Ingredients for 2 people: 2 chicken breasts, some slices of cooked ham (it depends by the cut) or Parma ham, some Emmental cheese (between 50 and 100gr following your taste and the size of the chicken breasts), salt, pepper, olive oil and parsley.

First of all you will need to make your chicken breast very thin, or opening them up like i normally do (considering here they are particularly big) or using something to press them . Then place some slices of cheese long the meat and add some chopped fresh parsley or even rosemary if you have.

Then place the ham slices on top until cover it all. Let some oil boil in a pan and then start to cook the chicken putting the ham side down. Leave it there for some minutes and then, when it stars to look like cooked, turn it and leave it again. Keep on doing this until totally cooked. You can even cut a bit the meat to check if it’s perfectly cooked inside.

Serve it with some vegetables and a bit of lemon if you like it and enjoy!

For the other version i suggest you too cook some mushrooms before with a bit of oil and garlic, or you can even try to cover the cheese and chicken with some mushrooms in slices and follow the same process to cook it.

PS: Mamy t’e’ piaciuta questa rivisitazione del tuo pollo con la crema di formaggio ed il prosciutto…ma mi ricordo ci aggiungevi anche i funghi talvolta. Non ti aveva dato la ricetta Mirella? A me piaceva tanto e l’altro giorno mi e’ rivenuto in mente, ma invece di far fondere il formaggio da un’altra parte, ho pensato di metterlo sul pollo direttamente e coprirlo con il prosciutto! Da qui petti di pollo in camicia!

Ah quasi dimenticavo… Buon Onomastico Mamy!

Italian chicken salad!

Recipe 43: Here in UK the chicken salad is prepared in a different way and it’s also a very typical dish. It’s called Chicken Ceasar salad and it’s made with salad, chicken, Parmesan and croutons. I have to admit that i really like this version too, but everyone needs to know that in Italy it doesn’t exist!

The chicken salad we do it’s made of : chicken (i use normally one breast for 2 people), any type of salad, 3 spoons of mayonnaise, and some cheese and 1 carrot if you like it.

Boil a chicken breast in hot water until well cooked. In the meantime wash cut place some salad in a big bowl. Then pass the chicken in cold water and start to cut it in little pieces. I suggest you to do it directly with your hands, so will be easier to have long vertical pieces.Add the chicken to the salad and then add also some little cheese cubes. I used Emmenthal but you can choose the one you prefer. Finally you can also add some carrots cut in “Julienne”style, also called “matchstick”.

At this point I’m normally very generous and i add 3 spoons of mayonnaise, salt and a bit of balsamic vinegar because i like it a lot, but you can also add just some olive oil and even a bit of lemon if you like… there are so many different versions.

For tomorrow in the office, this will be perfect! Buon appetito!

PS. Ciao mamy, dopo tutte queste mangiate estive, tento di tornare sulla giusta rottae percio’ ho pensato all’insalata di pollo. Ok, non e’ proprio il massimo della dieta, visto che c’e’ la maionese, ma io usato quella light e poi se si mangia solo questo….

Cotoletta alla Milanese – Cutlet in Breadcrumbs (-30 weeks)

Recipe 65: This is an italian classic… probably the meat everyone likes and eat with pleasure, especially the kids! And it’s in fact a dish that normally remembers the childhood when your mum or grandma were cooking it for you! i had still 1 or 2 eggs to use so this seemed the best dish to prepare.

Ingredients for 2 people: 2 chicken breasts or veal cutlets, 2 eggs, breadcrumbs, a bit of flour, olive oil, salt and lemon. Nothing more for a simple and delicious dish.

In my case i used 2 chicken breast because easier to find in London: i cut them in half and then i press them a bit because more thin they are and more tasty will be the dish.

Put a good quantity of oil in a pan and wait until it boil. It doesn’t need to cover the meat, but still needs to allow you to cook it from both the sides. In the meantime prepare a plate with the flour, one bowl with one or 2 eggs and another plate with breadcrumbs.

Take the meat and pass it in the flour until totally covered. Then pass it in the bowl with the eggs until it’s totally dump and finally place it in the breadcrumbs. You will need to create a very crunchy surface, so be sure all the meat is fully covered.

Place the meat in the pan with boiling oil and cook the meat. It will take around 4 minute per side to get ready, so then turn until both the side are cooked, colored and crunchy.

When the meat is ready, take it out from the fire and place it on a plate with some kitchen papers to absorb the oil in excess. Then serve it with salad or any other vegetable, just adding a bit of salt on top and half of a lemon. The lemon with any fried food it’s just the top!

PS. Mamy hai visto che mi sono fatta? ci credi che non avevo mai cucinato la cotoletta prima? Proprio non mi era venuto in mente e visto che invece avevo ancora delle uova da usare Francesca mi ha suggerito la cotoletta! Che buona! Certo il fritto non e’ il massimo per la dieta, ma una volta nella vita…. e come non pensare a zia Lidia mentre le cucinavo???

Chicken with peppers – Pollo con i peperoni

Recipe 90: this is a classic recipe from the big lunch on the 15th of August…yes you understood well. We use to prepare chicken with pepper in summer, but don’t ask me why. I have never understood it! too hot for me.

However i decided to prepare it last week, when i saw some nice peppers in the supermarket and here is the recipe with all the ingredients for 2/3 people: 250gr peppers of any color, 500gr chicken breasts, 1 garlic clove, some green pitted olives, some capers in brine, 2 tomatoes, onion, butter, a bit of liquor like Porto, some basil, sage and bay leaves.

In first place wash the peppers and cut them in little slices taking out the center and the seeds. Put the 2 tomatoes in boiling water and leave them there for a bit. In the meantime put some butter in a pan and add the onion and the garlic cut in little pieces.

At this point cut the chicken in pieces and prepare the mix of herbs: put some basil, sage and bay leaves on a kitchen board and chop them finely, then add the pitted green olives in pieces and 2 spoons of capers. The smell will be amazing!

Now take the tomatoes form the fire, drain them and take off the skin, cut them in half, remove the seeds and cut them in slices to add to the peppers.

When the onion and garlic will become goldish, add the chicken breasts cut in pieces and let them cook a bit. Their color will change and just when all the pan will start to get dry, add some Porto liquor and they will soon get colored and really tasty.

Finally add to the chicken the peppers, the tomatoes, the mix of herbs and a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper, but i also suggest you to move everything in a sauce pan to make all the ingredients cook quicker and to create also a nice sauce.

When the peppers will be mild and well cooked, the dish will be ready and you can serve it hot in a plate.

Buon appetito!

PS. Mamy questa ricetta e’ spaziale…ci siamo leccate i baffi. Altro che il solito pollo con i peperoni a ferragosto. Questo con le olive i capperi e questo misto di erbe e’ veramente insuperabile! Considera che Nat non ha la passione dei capperi e delle olive, ma quando ha assaggiato questo mix ne e’ rimasta affascinata! DELIZIOSO!

Will Burger King save our diet?

Which is the biggest enemy of the diet? the sweet or salty snacks and the fried food sold in the street. Never like in London you can see so many take away shops and people eating this food in the street, on the tube, in the buses and even ordering them at home!

And for how much you can try to put attention and to avoid it, there will always be the occasion in which you will have to raise a white flag to them… and it’s a classic especially in this city, where everyone drink without eating anything. After work you go to drink straight away… and at the end you are so hungry you could eat whatever is in front of you.

Solution? Burger King is trying to help with this! Some week ago, after a party, i was really convinced to come back home to cook something. My friends weren’t thinking the same and we stopped in Burger King. Surprise surprise, they made a “light” Sandwich to help all of us with the diet.

The Piri Piri Chicken sandwich is made of 3 chargrilled chicken strips, iceberg lettuce, red onion, reduced fat mayonnaise and piri piri sauce on bread baguette or sesame seeds bun. This reach an amount of 336-356 calories depending on the bread and it’s quite fulfilling.

Considering that a plate of pasta of pasta (80gr.) with tomato sauce and Parmesan is around 450 cal, this sandwich is not so bad. Ok, the fact to eat this kind of food for quality and ingredients is not the best, but at least you can limit the damages without big privations. The other alternative it could be the normal basic burger (275 cal.) or the simple cheese burger (320 cal.) but they are so little and without great taste that are not an amazing solution: you can risk to eat more arriving at home!

So, if you have one of this night where you have drunk quite a lot and you can’t wait to arrive home to eat, maybe this could be an idea to remain alive without taking a massive quantity of calories on top, and without renouncing to another little pleasure. What do you think?

PS. Mamy oggi mi sono dedicata a suggerire un nuovo panino “light” che hanno creato in una di queste catene tipo Mc Donald. Non che sia fan di questi posti, anzi! ma talvolta quando si esce senza mangiare e si beve un po’, e’ inevitabile fermarsi in posti del genere. E dato che qui di negozietti per il pesce fritto e fastfood, ce ne sono un sacco, meglio andare sul sicuro con una scelta ragionevolmente leggera. Il problema e’ resistere alle patatine fritte! argh!

Busaba: a cheap and very good thai in London!

Busaba Eathai is a Thai chain in London very famous for the nice dishes, the very good food and the quite cheap price. So finally is a place i love and I’m always happy to go back. For our friend coming from Paris we thought could be a nice place to eat a different kind of cuisine.

Busaba logo

I discovered it 2 years ago, when we went there with my boss and colleagues to celebrate some new project. The one i will speak about is near my old office, in Store Street (Goodge street station). It’s always quite busy and you can’t reserve, but they are also quite quick in serve and you don’t normally cue for long.

We were finally in 5 and we ordered 3 different starters and a main course each. I tried the plate you can see in the pictures (thanks for these to tehbus, catty and darkrostedblend).

1) Padan chicken are little pieces of chicken cooked in garlic and coriander, covered in this padan leaf and served with a very nice soy based sauce. Really tasty! 2) Prawn pomelo is a more mysterious dish. There are prawns of course and peanuts but we can’t identify the rest and each portion is served on a betel leaf that you will need to eat with the rest (not eat instead the leaf from the other dish).It’s really a nice new taste. 3) Finally my main dish was Pad thai: a generous portion of rice noodle with prawns, shrimp, tofu, peanuts and beansprout. Just an amazing combination…i just added lots of soy sauce because I’m addicted to it!

Do you know how much we spent each of us, considering we also had a drink each? 15,50£ and it was GOOD! I also think the dinner there is not so fatty considering that you can choose a wok noodle instead of stir-fried!

Busaba dishes final

And then i love Busaba’s general atmosphere: from the light to the friendly waiters and easy going mood, to the decoration of the place absolutely elegant and modern, to the bathrooms and their particular signs…every time i need to stop and think!

busaba atmosphere

So please go and let me know if you think I’m wrong!

PS: Mamy la prossima volta vi ci porto anche a voi! Sono andata a mangiare in un ristorate che cucina tailandese e che conoscevo gia’. E’ buonissimo, non costa quasi nulla ed il locale e’ molto accogliente. Dai tanto lo so che ormai voi sperimentate tutte le cucine e questa sono sicura piacera’ anche a voi!

Petti di pollo al limone – Lemon chicken breasts

Recipe 134: Yesterday i knew my italian friend was coming back to London after a little break in Rome.

What i didn’t know was that she wanted to come directly to my house from the airport to have a girly italian night before restarting the frenetic London life. So quick recap of what was in my fridge and i found a simple solution to eat light and quickly with just basic ingredients.

This will be the quickest recipe of the blog i think, healthy and easy to cook every night of the week…. and a classic in my parents house. I’m sorry if the pictures are not amazing, but i was missing my official photographer yesterday.

The ingredients for 2 people are: 2 chicken breasts – a bit of flour – 1 or 2 lemons – oil – salt and peppers. Then if you have some vegetable to boil and serve with it, the plate will be complete.

Take the chicken breasts and make them very thin, cutting them and pressing them with anything you think you can use. More thin they will be and more taste they will have.

Then put the meat in some flour until they are totally white. Hot up some oil in a pan and put them in. After a bit, when they start to take color, add some lemon juice (1 full lemon i think is enough) and a bit of water to create some more sauce. Keep on turning the meat until is all cooked and colored.

Serve with salt a bit of black pepper and some more lemon juice on top.

Buon appetito!

PS. Ecco finalmente ho cucinato i petti di pollo come te! Rapidissimo questo piatto, leggero e veramente un ottimo sistema per variare il solito pollo grigliato. Anna sembra essere rimasta contenta anche se mi manca lo schiaccia carne che usi tu: con tutto che l’ho tagliato, il pollo era ancora un po’ troppo alto. Vabbe la prossima volta mi invento qualcosa.