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Torta ricotta e cioccolato – Ricotta and chocolate cake

Recipe 61: Another special party was organized this week in my house.I had a guest from very far away so i needed to serve my best dishes but i didn’t want to renounce to try also a new recipe. So the menu was violet spaghetti, crostata di frutta and i made this kind of italian cheesecake too.

Ingredients: for the pasta frolla 300gr flour – 150gr sugar – 150 gr butter (very cold) – a pinch of salt – 2 egg yolks – a bit of milk. For the cream: 400gr ricotta, 150gr chocolate chips, some cinnamon, 150gr sugar, 2 eggs.

Let’s start from the pasta frolla: put the flour, the sugar, the butter in pieces and a pinch of salt all in a big bowl. Mix everything with your hands and you will see the ingredients will become a kind of powder like in picture 2. At this point add 2 eggs yolk and mix again trying to create a ball. If the ingredients seems still to divided add a little bit of milk. This will help to mix and keep together the “powder”.

When the ball is ready put it in the fridge for at least half an hour. In this way the butter will become hard again making the ball more hard and then easier to roll it out. In the meantime put some baking paper in the baking pan or simply some butter on all the baking pan surface and then cover it with flour to don’t make the cake stick to the pan.

Take then the ball out of the fridge and cut a quarter of it putting it in a side for later. Roll the rest out until you reach a round layer of pasta frolla. Put this in the pan and give it the form of the pan. This will be the base of the cake so it needs to be quite thin and the border quite high to keep the filling we will prepare. Once it is done, use a fork to create little holes in all the pasta. In this way it will cook without create bubbles.

Let’s now create the filling: take the 400gr ricotta and mix it with 150gr of sugar and some cinnamon powder. I used to love the taste of this 3 ingredients together… my mum used to give me this for breakfast on the bread when i was little! It’s just one of this nice taste you remember from your childhood…simple but amazing!

To know how much cinnamon you will need to put, just try it a bit. i think it depends by your taste. When ready, just add one whole egg and 150 gr of chocolate chips. Mix everything very well and then just pour it in the cake!

Now you will need to use the pasta you left in a side before and create some little lines to put on the cake. I don’t know if you used to play with plasticine when little … this needs to be worked in the same way. Cut little pieces of pasta and create little “snakes” that you will place on the top of the filling fixing it on the borders. Follow the design on the pictures and then just put it in the oven for 40 minutes at 180 degree.

When ready the cake will appear like this!

Now take a plate and enjoy!

PS. Bene sei contenta??? finalmente ho trovato la ricotta ed eccoti accontentata. Mamy mi sbaglio o tu la coprivi tutta la torta invece di farci le losanghe? e questa non e; anche la torta preferita di zio Nicola? E’ piaciuta un sacco a tutti specialemnte perche’ ho messo le gocce di cioccolata invece dell’uvetta ed i canditi (Bleah!). Forse pero’ e’ meglio in inverno visto al pesantezza :)!


Ciambellone cocco e cioccolato – chocolate & coconut cake

Recipe 64: Last weekend was the birthday of a friend coming form Italy and i couldn’t let him down without a birthday cake… so we organized a quick dinner in my house. The problem was that on sunday the majority of the supermarkets here in London close early, so i had to do my shopping in an express one… this means there was nothing! I just saw some coconut powder and this was the cake.

Ingredients: 200 gr of dark chocolate, 300gr flour, 170gr grated coconut, 250gr sugar, 150gr butter, 3 eggs, 1/2 cup of milk, some baking powder and  half of a vanilla pod. Choose a big baking pan because the mix will be quite a lot and the cake will also grow a lot in the oven.

Put in a little sauce pan the chocolate and melt it on a low fire. To avoid the chocolate from burn, you can put this pan in a bigger pan with boiling water. In this way the chocolate will melt for the hot from the water without burn or stick to the pan. In the meantime mix the 3 eggs and the sugar until they create a yellow cream.

Put the half cup of milk in the microwave and let it become hot. Then open the half vanilla pod and leave it in the hot milk to release all the flavor. When the chocolate is all melted, add the butter and let melt this too in the same way.

When the chocolate and butter are melted leave it to cool down. In the meantime add in the mixed the flour, the milk with vanilla, the coconut powder, a spoon of baking powder and finally the chocolate and butter.
Mix it all very well and don’t worry about the clots because these are created by the coconut powder, but it’s not a problem.

Choose the baking pan and cover it with butter and flour or just baking paper like i did.  Add the mix of ingredients and put it in the oven at 180-200 degree for 1 hour!  Here is the result! On top spread some icing sugar or coconut powder if you still have it and serve it with some ice cream or just whipped cream.

As for the whipped cream, we couldn’t find not even the candles in the express market, so just pure Ciambellone cocco e cioccolato and the only candle i had at home! However the birthday guy was happy and liked the cake… that’s the most important!

PS. Mamy lo scorso fine settimana ho dovuto improvvisare una torta di compleanno senza nenache i supermercati aperti. Cercavo la ricotta per fare la tua torta, ma purtroppo nulla e lunica cosa che c’era nel reparto dolci era una polvere di cocco. Non mi sembra tu abbia mai fatto dolci al cocco vero? Quindi presa dalla disperazione ho cercato una ricetta semplice che non richiedesse altro ed ecco il ciambellone cocco e cioccolato! Buonissimo! Poi per colazione il giorno dopo e’ ancora meglio!