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Torta della nonna – grandma’s cake (- 14 week)

Recipe 33: That is not just a name I gave to this recipe, but it’s the real name! The grandma’s cake in Italy is this specific kind of Crostata made with pine nuts and it has a totally different taste form the one with fresh fruit that i use to do.

I made this cake for an italian dinner i had in these days and everyone was super happy! It finished in no time :)! So here i give you the recipe. Made it because it will be a success!

For the pasta frolla at the base you can just use this recipe. Then for the cream you can use my normal recipe, but this time i added 1 egg yolk more and lemon zest instead of the vanilla pod, so: 5 egg yolks, 500ml of milks, 150gr of sugar, 30gr of flour, a pinc of salt, 1 full lemon zest and a packet of pine nuts.

So after you made the ball of pasta frolla, place this in the fridge for half an hour and start to do the cream. Put the milk on the fire with inside the zest of a full lemon. When boiling, take it off from the fire and leave it in a side.

In another pan Put the egg yolks and the sugar. Mix well until obtain a yellow cream and then add the flour mixing (trying to avoid any clot) and a pinch of salt. Now put it o the fire and mixing, add the warm milk little by little, of course with out the lemon zest.

Now you just need to mix, always on a low fire, until the cream takes a good consistency and start to boil a bit. At this point turn off the fire and let it cool down.

Use this time to make the base of the cake: take the frolla from the fridge and start to roll it until quite thin. Place it in a baking pan already covered with some butter and flour first. Once the base is done and ready to be filled with the cream don’t forget to do some all in all the pasta with a fork. In this way the pasta cooking won’t create bubbles.

Now add the cream and then all the line nuts on top until totally covered. Placed in an oven already hot, at around 180 degree for 50 minutes. You will see is ready when the pasta around will be quite colored, but try to put a teeth pick in it just to be sure inside is dry.

Final touch is some iced sugar to put on top before to serve it! Buon appetito!

PS. Mamy sto diventando un drago con tutte queste similcrostate e la tua crema! Ogni volta migliore. Per la torta della nonna ho finalmente anche provato la versione con le scorze di limone, e nonostante all’inizio pensassi che i limoni qui non avessero abbastanza sapore, invece alla fine e’ venuta prefetta!


Coming back to Rome: cappuccio, rosette e Happy Hour!

Recipe 88: As you can imagine I’m in Rome in these days. I came back for Easter and of course i’m not cooking much, thanks to my mum, but i’m trying to eat all the stuff i miss the most… so here a little list just to let you know, but i will also add a superquick recipe for a light lunch or dinner.

Let’s start with the breakfast: there are no words to describe this cappuccino(also called Cappuccio in Rome) and this pastries filled with a cream made with almonds and pine nuts! Real paradise in Tornatora!

Then of course lunch time:  a good Rosetta (a bread really typical in Rome), with Mortadella, a particular kind of ham that is impossible to find in London (if you can, try it in a simple white pizza bread!) Or you can eat the Rosetta with Bresaola, Rocket salad and Parmesan. This is a classic light dish we often eat also as a starter, but it’s really a special mix of flavours. As you can see it’s very easy, but the bitter rocket, with the peculiar bresaola taste (and you can find this in London) and the sweet parmesan are just amazing together. Just add a bit of salt, oil, and i really like it with lemon too.

Finally to close the day why don’t go for an happy hour? it’s very important everyone get it: happy hour in Italy doesn’t means they give you 2 drinks for one, but means you buy a drink and you can eat all the stuff is on the buffet. So basically if you are going to do (have?) an happy hour, means you are going to have almost a dinner, or an big aperitif, some drinks and nice finger food. We all love it and i was missing it a lot! Why in England they can not offer food with pints?

This time i took a Spritz (cocktail mainly made with Aperol and Prosecco) with some fresh tuna rice and farro with vegetable, some good focaccia with rosemery, olives and tomatoes and a salad made by radicchio and cabbage. It’s the second time i have cabbage in my plate in these days and i have to say i like it a lot! Maybe i need to start using it more.

PS. Mamy come sai questi giorni sto proprio facendo una cura ricostituente con tutte le cose che mi piacciono e mi mancano di piu’ e come posso non iniziare da un cappuccino e cornetto rigorosamente alla crema? e dopo un pranzetto leggero per poi buttarmi in un aperitivo di questi consistenti. Forse, considerato che tra qualche giorno e’ Pasqua, dovrei stare un po’ piu’ attenta, ma chi resiste? 🙂

And after the cream… Crostata di frutta!

crostata 1

Recipe 130: This is one of the most classic cakes in Italy. It’s the one that almost every grandmother can make and it’s always good, any kind of filling you will choose. It’s normally more famous the jam crostata, or crostata con la marmellata, but it’s also very well known this recipe with cream and fruit.

Now I will tell you how you can prepare it from the base.

Crostata 2

The ingredients for the “Pasta Frolla” (the base of the cake) are: 300gr flour – 150gr sugar – 150 gr butter (very cold) – a pinch of salt – 2 egg yolks – a bit of milk. For the ” Crema Pasticcera” or cream, please have a look here.

Then, to finish the cake, you will just need some fresh fruit. I used: 1 box of strawberries, 2 kiwis, 1 box of blueberries and then you could cover the cake with a bit of gelatin to make it more compact, but i didn’t use it and it was good anyway.

crostata 3

Let’s start from the pasta frolla mixing the flour, sugar, the pinch of salt, and the butter cut in pieces. Knead until the ingredients reach the consistency of the second series of pictures and then add the 2 egg yolks. At this point you will need to create an homogeneous dough so that you will be able to make a ball. The color have to be a very warm yellow and no clots have to be in the pasta. Add a bit of milk to help you to create the ball if the ingredients are too divided or flour if the dough it’s too sticky. After put it in the fridge for at least half an hour.

Crostata 3

Then prepare a baking pan with baking paper or just with butter and flour all around. Roll out the dough and put it in the pan, making sure is going to be quite thin everywhere. Just the border can be a bit thick. At this point make little holes in the pasta, because the base need to “breath” in the oven. I normally use a fork for these. If you don’t do so, the base will grow or will create bubbles. Put in the hot oven at 180 degree for at least half an hour. When you take it out the base have to be brownish but especially quite hard and dry.

At this point you can just add the crema pasticcera and the fruits cut in pieces. If you want, you can than add the gelatin too.

Buon appetito!

crostata 5

PS: Mamy guarda che bella che mi e’ venuta!!! ti piace? Pero’ che casino spiegare come fare la pasta frolla in inglese! Poi ho avuto un po’ di problemi a trovare della gelatina da metterci sopra. L’unica che ho visto diceva che ci voleva mezz’ora per prepararla… insomma alla fine c’ho rinunciato, ma era buonissima uguale anche se un po’ meno ferma.