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End of the week gym update (-8 kg)

And just to let you know that I’m still fighting to reach my target and win my challenge, here is a quick update on the courses I tried this week: Salsa aerobic and R&B dance.

OK, i love salsa, so it was quite clear that i was going to try this class: I liked it and i think that for the sunday lunch time is just the perfect solution. A bit of movement to fight the weekend laziness but having fun. The R&B instead wasn’t a great success: i love the music but i feel always a bit stupid when i try to copy the choreography. So ok it was fun and the teacher was very good, but it wasn’t so exciting as i was expecting it.

blk_20cat20dancingFinally none of these classes can be really considered enough to loose weight, but they are fine to keep the line, having fun and enjoying the music; sometimes having fun gives you more strength to be constant in the exercises. Then, considering the cold i took this week, I’m anyway quite proud of my achievements in the gym! 🙂

PS: Mamy questa settimana in palestra mi sono dedicata anche io alla danza ed ho provato altre 2 lezioni, una a base di salsa e una di musica rap. Simpatiche, non particolarmente difficili o faticose, ma almeno divertenti. Non sono ancora molto convinta, ma per cambiare e comunque continuare a muoversi un po’ non sono male.


Gym update: second class

As i told you, yesterday i was going to have my second class.

Considering that my knee is in pain since 2 days, i was decided to sacrify the class for some good swim.

Unfortunately for my knee, the swimming pool was full, so i had to go to the class as i planned at the beginning: DANCE AEROBIC.

piggy aerobic

It’s mainly a mix of different music and postures taken from different dance styles, like belly dance, and Hip Hop and Funk, but mixed with normal aerobic exercises. The idea is nice, the sport is different from the classic aerobic, not so big choreography to follow, but everything depends from your teacher… and this was the only problem.

She was little but over energetic… that can be fine for a good hour sport. The fact is that she was a bit enable to explain the exercises and this makes always the stuff a bit harder: how can you follow someone that keep on changing exercise without explaining what she is going to do?

By the way the music was amazing, i could do all the exercises without any particular effort and I loved the dance mix… but today i can’t move my knee 😦

PS. Dai Mamy che sto resistendo! ieri sono andata di nuovo in palestra e questa volta ho fatto dance aerobic che diciamo si adatta di piu’ a me! Carina, mi sono divertita e hanno messo un sacco di bella musica! Penso ci tornero’.