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New year and new gym update! Again -7Kg

Like every year tonight it will arrive in all the italian houses the Befana, an old lady who brings sweets to the good children and carbon to the bad ones. Everyone tonight will prepare the special socks to receive the sweets and tomorrow will be definitely the end of the Christmas holidays. In a certain way I’m happy that here in London we don’t have this other event and another excuse to eat a bit more, but of course a nice day of break could be cool.

Instead yesterday it started again my new year, the serious one, writing email, coming back to my projects and of course to my gym for the new subscription…and first lesson of 2010. Yes yesterday i came back to the gym after my little break: i wanted to see my teacher Patrick and do a nice hour of aerobiking but no! there was no Patrick and i had the worst lesson with the worst teacher of all… she is also called MAGDA the KILLER! Ok wasn’t an amazing start but the important is that i came back! Now will be everything much easier.

So no real resolutions for me this year because i have already this Tilt challenge and it’s enough. I don’t even believe the new year’s resolutions are working… i find them just very sad… they can make you think you are very weak.

However the good news is that today i also came back on my scales for the first time in 2010 and …surprise surprise… i come back at – 7 like before Christmas! I told you that one week of  good Christmas food couldn’t destroy everything! So i can now restart the challenge where i left it and let you know at the next update.

In the meantime Buona Befana to everyone!

PS: Mamy buona befana!!! che fara’ ? arriva quest’anno a casa? Qui dice di no, ma devo dire che Natale e’ stato cosi pieno di mangiate che sto tirando ora un sospiro di sollievo. Comunque ieri sono tornata in palestra ed e’ gia’ un buon inizio, ma la notizia migliore e’ che mi sono pesata e sono tornata a come stavo prima delle mangiate natalize, quindi posso riprendere la mia sfida! Yuppy!