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After summer update: -19 weeks and still -6kg

And also this summer has passed and it was great! Lots of little trips and lots of different food: from home made dishes in Costa Brava with some tapas here and there, to the amazing food in the mountains, with polenta and nice cakes, to greek dishes in the Cyclades Islands, with lots of fish and the fantastic yogurt to finally the aperivi in Turin and Milan, where I was for work but where I have enjoyed a lot the nights too.

So now let’s come back to the reality and let’s check the weight!!!! That was my worst nightmare during the summer…but still it didn’t stop me from eating and enjoying the holidays.

Now it’s time to take back a bit of the classic routine also in the kitchen, with salad for lunch and meat or fish with vegatable for dinner! Yes I need it! Some depuration it’s always good at some point, especially if in these monts the weight went a bit up and down!

Before to leave for the holidays I arrived to loose 6 kilos, but coming back from Greece I had 2 kilos more and the work trip in Turin and Milan wasn’t exactly what I was looking for to comeback in track.

Instead also with aperitif and having light lunches out, it seems I could loose again my 2 kilos… And this is weird! Maybe it happened for the amount of work I had to do and a bit of rush and stress that finally help to burn calories! Or is it just the effect of a missing fisical activity that make my mussels weight less??

For the moment I don’t know but tomorrow I will start again the gym too and we will see!┬áFingers crossed for the challenge and lots of moral support to everyone is trying to comeback in the routine like me ­čÖé

PS. Mamy e se la Grecia e l’estate mi avevano messo addosso i suoi bei 2-3 kiletti, ci credi che m’e’ bastato andare a letto senza cena due serate (non per mia volonta’ ma per disguidi con i supermercati e gli hotel Milanesi) per riperdere tutto! Menomale! Lo vedi che alla fine anche il lavoro ha i suoi lati positivi? ­čÖé

New year and new gym update! Again -7Kg

Like every year tonight it will arrive in all the italian houses the Befana, an old lady who brings sweets to the good children and carbon to the bad ones. Everyone tonight will prepare the special socks to receive the sweets and tomorrow will be definitely the end of the Christmas holidays. In a certain way I’m happy┬áthat here in London we┬ádon’t have this other event and another excuse to eat a bit more, but of course a nice day of break could be cool.

Instead yesterday it started again my new year, the serious one, writing email, coming back to my projects and of course to my gym for the new subscription…and first lesson of 2010. Yes yesterday i came back to the gym after my little break: i wanted to see my teacher Patrick and do a nice hour of aerobiking but no! there was no Patrick and i had the worst lesson with the worst teacher of all… she is also called MAGDA the KILLER! Ok wasn’t an amazing start but the important is that i came back! Now will be everything much easier.

So no real resolutions for me this year because i have already this Tilt challenge and it’s enough. I don’t even believe the new year’s resolutions are working… i find them just very sad… they can make you┬áthink you are very weak.

However the good news is that today i also came back on my┬áscales for the first time in 2010 and …surprise surprise… i come back at – 7 like before Christmas! I told you that one week of┬á good Christmas food couldn’t destroy everything! So i can now restart the challenge where i left it and let you know at the next update.

In the meantime Buona Befana to everyone!

PS: Mamy buona befana!!! che fara’ ? arriva quest’anno a casa? Qui dice di no, ma devo dire che Natale e’ stato cosi pieno di mangiate che sto tirando ora un sospiro di sollievo. Comunque ieri sono tornata in palestra ed e’ gia’ un buon inizio, ma la notizia migliore e’ che mi sono pesata e sono tornata a come stavo prima delle mangiate natalize, quindi posso riprendere la mia sfida! Yuppy!

I found my favourite trainer!!!

Patrick, this is the name !! He is my idol and he will really be my “friend of diet”.

So yesterday i came back to the gym to give another chance to the Aerobiking. OK, the idea to meet again the crazy teacher was scary, but maybe knowing a bit more the class, i thought i could have survived. On top of that i had a terrible day and i needed to push everything out.

Patrick pandaAnd instead ….surprise, surprise… i found the most amazing teacher ever!

He is a big man, not super fit really and in his age, but absolutely funny, entertaining and really passionate for biking. He put a very nice music, he made us doing exercises finally FOLLOWING the music (not like the other teacher, just worried about velocity and strength) and the 45 minutes class was just a nice, distressing and powerful class. He pushed us to maintain the rhythm and finish all the exercises just with all his energy and …his fantastic voice. Yes, he sang with his strong black voice during all the whole lesson!!!

It was exactly what i needed: the music was driving us and i gave all the energy i had without not even realizing we were at the end of the class. I loved it!

So now it’s sure: everything depends by your gym trainer! Thank you Patrick! this was an aerobiking class!

PS. Mamy ieri sono tornata in palestra per provare di nuovo quella classe di cyclette di cui ho gia’ parlato. Ebbene, questa volta mi sono divertita un sacco. Il maestro e’ un omone con una super voce, che ha cantato tutto il tempo, per farci mantenere il ritmo e farci tirare fuori tutta la nostra energia! Divertentissimo! Ora che ho scoperto lui, ci tornero’ sempre!

Gym update: second class

As i told you, yesterday i was going to have my second class.

Considering that my knee is in pain since 2 days, i was decided to sacrify the class for some good swim.

Unfortunately for my knee, the swimming pool was full, so i had to go to the class as i planned at the beginning: DANCE AEROBIC.

piggy aerobic

It’s mainly a mix of different music and postures taken from different dance styles, like belly dance, and Hip Hop and Funk, but mixed with normal aerobic exercises. The idea is nice, the sport is different from the classic aerobic, not so big choreography to follow, but everything depends from your teacher… and this was the only problem.

She was little but over energetic… that can be fine for a good hour sport. The fact is that she was a bit enable to explain the exercises and this makes always the stuff a bit harder: how can you follow someone that keep on changing exercise without explaining what she is going to do?

By the way the music was amazing, i could do all the exercises without any particular effort and I loved the dance mix… but today i can’t move my knee ­čśŽ

PS. Dai Mamy che sto resistendo! ieri sono andata di nuovo in palestra e questa volta ho fatto dance aerobic che diciamo si adatta di piu’ a me! Carina, mi sono divertita e hanno messo un sacco di bella musica! Penso ci tornero’.

My new fitness club (will it last for 70 weeks?)

In my “friend of the diet” category I can’t avoid to add a little note about my latest fitness club.

So in September i was lucky and i found a super deal in a nice club near my house: 70 £ all included until December and no contract.

This means that for the next 3 months i will be able to participate to all the classes i want and i can use the swimming pool and the squash court without paying anything else. “Great” i said!

aerobiking??? Yesterday was my first class and first step to reach my diet goal! So at 7pm i was in the AEROBIKING class: I was thinking that bike + music could be a quite fair solution to sweat but with fun….it was just hell and the most horrible thing weren’t the exercises, but the SEAT of the bike!!!! However i couldn’t follow all the class properly, considering was a second level and i wasn’t trained at all, but i reached the end!

And because i didn’t have fun and i felt not satisfied, i decided to swim a bit and then i was HAPPY! The water is my element, i love swimming and it just make me feel good and relaxed … but don’t worry, i will keep on trying the rest of the courses…maybe i will find some other funny sport to alternate a bit with the swim.

Next class on wednesday… I will keep you updated!

PS. Mamy finalmente ieri sono tornata in palestra! Il problema e’ che ho voluto iniziare con una classe un po’ complessa, una specie di cyclette con la musica. TROPPO FATICOSO non hai idea e poi il sellino mi sta ancora facendo vedere le stelle. Comunque poi ho fatto un tuffo in piscina e mi sono ripresa. Domani ho un’altra lezione…. vediamo che succede!