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Will Burger King save our diet?

Which is the biggest enemy of the diet? the sweet or salty snacks and the fried food sold in the street. Never like in London you can see so many take away shops and people eating this food in the street, on the tube, in the buses and even ordering them at home!

And for how much you can try to put attention and to avoid it, there will always be the occasion in which you will have to raise a white flag to them… and it’s a classic especially in this city, where everyone drink without eating anything. After work you go to drink straight away… and at the end you are so hungry you could eat whatever is in front of you.

Solution? Burger King is trying to help with this! Some week ago, after a party, i was really convinced to come back home to cook something. My friends weren’t thinking the same and we stopped in Burger King. Surprise surprise, they made a “light” Sandwich to help all of us with the diet.

The Piri Piri Chicken sandwich is made of 3 chargrilled chicken strips, iceberg lettuce, red onion, reduced fat mayonnaise and piri piri sauce on bread baguette or sesame seeds bun. This reach an amount of 336-356 calories depending on the bread and it’s quite fulfilling.

Considering that a plate of pasta of pasta (80gr.) with tomato sauce and Parmesan is around 450 cal, this sandwich is not so bad. Ok, the fact to eat this kind of food for quality and ingredients is not the best, but at least you can limit the damages without big privations. The other alternative it could be the normal basic burger (275 cal.) or the simple cheese burger (320 cal.) but they are so little and without great taste that are not an amazing solution: you can risk to eat more arriving at home!

So, if you have one of this night where you have drunk quite a lot and you can’t wait to arrive home to eat, maybe this could be an idea to remain alive without taking a massive quantity of calories on top, and without renouncing to another little pleasure. What do you think?

PS. Mamy oggi mi sono dedicata a suggerire un nuovo panino “light” che hanno creato in una di queste catene tipo Mc Donald. Non che sia fan di questi posti, anzi! ma talvolta quando si esce senza mangiare e si beve un po’, e’ inevitabile fermarsi in posti del genere. E dato che qui di negozietti per il pesce fritto e fastfood, ce ne sono un sacco, meglio andare sul sicuro con una scelta ragionevolmente leggera. Il problema e’ resistere alle patatine fritte! argh!