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Piccatine al prezzemolo – Parsley veal (-46 weeks)

Recipe 97: On saturday i cooked another lovely meat dish, with veal of course, my favorite. The recipe is very easy and it will just give  a good shake to your weekly boring dinner.

Ingredients for 2 people: 250gr of veal ( i could find just escalope but they cut them for me really thin), 1 spoon of tritured parsley, one lemon, one vegetable stock, 1 egg yolk, 25 gr of butter, some flour, salt and pepper.

Let’s start from something easy: just put the veal in some flour and then, when well covered in an hot pan with some butter. Wait for the veal to cook and get colored.

In the meantime triture some parsley  and put the vegetable stock in a pan with some boiled water.

When the meat is cooked put it on a plate and instead pour in the pan 2 spoons of stock water, the egg yolk, the parsley, the lemon and a pinch of salt. Mix everything on a low fire and wait for the liquid to get thick.

Once it’s ready, pour it on the meat and enjoy!

PS: Mamy ho seguito la tua ricetta alla lettera e benche’ non mi ricordassi per niente questo piatto, e’ buonissima!!!! Il prezzemolo con l’uovo ed il limone gli da un sapore che e’ proprio una meraviglia ed e’ facilissima da fare! Brava Mamy!


A good fish in the oven! (-52 weeks)

Recipe 106: Finally i did it!!! i bought two nice fishes, i cooked them in the oven and i was super happy!! I have never done it before just because i was really scared to have to clean the fishes inside, but yesterday i couldn’t stop myself: when i saw this two salmon trouts in the supermarket i had to buy them and try to cook them in my mum way.

The ingredients are really few but the taste is very good. For 2 people buy 2 fishes (i choose the salmon trouts but it could be whatever else), potatoes, bread crumbs, parsley, lemon, oil, salt and pepper. Nothing more!

Wash the parsley and cut it in very thin pieces (15-30 leaves for person depending also by the size of the fish) then add two spones of bread crumbs for person and some salt, oil and lemon following your taste. Mix it all until it takes the consistency of a dough.

In the meantime cut the potatoes in very thin slices and display them in the oven tray. Add some oil, salt and pepper.

Wash the fishes (thanks God you can find them already clean in Tesco) and take off what is remaining of the interiors.

Put them on the potatoes and stuff them with the mix you prepared before! add some other oil, salt and pepper on the fishes and place in the oven for 40-45 minute at 180 degrees.

As you can see the recipe is very easy and the secret is all in the tasty mix we did at the beginning! The potatoes were perfect, the fish cooked and exactly how i remembered from my mum! I loved it!

PS: Mamy hai visto che alla fine l’ho cucinato? Ho preso coraggio, ho visto che il pesce aveva un bel taglio ed ho sperato fosse bello pulito. Cosi e’ stato, e la salsina m’e’ venuta anche abbastanza bene!Che buono, ma ti pare che in un’isola io mi devo sognare il pesce come un cibo proibito???