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Highlights from the Organic Food Exhibition

Last weekend i had the chance to visit the exhibition of natural and organic products organized here in London, in Olympia: the organic food you know is growing everyday more and especially here in UK, the care for natural and organic products is very high.

I was curious to know a bit more, meet the industries and the clients, but also the simple passionate: between infusions, beauty products, vitamins and healthy food, I was happy to find also a little italian group of stands. So let’s start from them.

The first stand to catch my attention was “il Panificio Zannella“, a little stand of salty natural bakery products. Maybe it’s because here there is not a big tradition of crackers and grissini, but i love all these crunchy salty snacks and these one where made in any kind of flavor.

Then i found the classic italian Olives, but this time made by an organic farm “Gaudiano” and these were very good. Moving to cheeses instead there was an amazing stand from Campania with Bufalo mozzarella, cheeses and the classic mozzarella. Thanks good they were there! The brand is “Ponte Reale“. Finally to help the sweet tooth there was the “Aiello” brand with the tozzetti biscuits and nuts covered in chocolate or almonds in sugar and chocolate. Too good!

After that i went a bit around and i discovered lots of interesting things:  first of all a new brand of infusions invented by Mr Scruff, Dj and cartoonist in life and now also producer of this “make us a brew“. Go and check their website… this tea is too funny! And coming back to the past instead, i found the Dragonfly Tea stand with also the well known TickTock brand … so vintage but always good!

Speaking about famous brands here are two protagonist of the scene: “Eat natural” with their delicious bars (I’m addicted) and known also in Italy and “Montezumas“, an organic chocolate english brand that presented, in this occasion, a new flavor: chilli and lime. I can swear it was really good, the ingredients were really well mixed with chocolate, the taste was good not too strong and i could feel the hot of the chilli and the sour of the lime. Impressive! finally i was captured by the Booja Booja Stand, where they served amazing chocolate truffles and organic ice cream!

Then i came across the stand from Ecuador and there i lost my mind: they offered me creackers with exotic organic jams! Banano, papaya, mango…delicious! and then i tried the platano crisps called “Plantain chips” and they were super tasty!

Finally i will spend two words for some new products i tested there and that i want to recommend: from Hungary i discovered some organic salty or sweet snack made by millet and produced by “I love bio“. Then a brand for children “Ella’s kitchen“: it’s a family of organic products for babies from juices to food, but really really nice… no one could resist to their stand!

I also discovered a nice brand for wheat and gluten free products. It was full of this kind of stands, but this is my choice after i tried some of their tasty products, Hale&Hearty. Last but not the least, i present you The Granola from Rude Healt. I love granola and this was really good: they serve it in little plastic glasses with some white yogurt.

I would like then to open a little chapter on Fruit Juice: i went there hoping to find my favorite one and classic in Italy, the pear juice but instead there wasn’t any not even here. However i found 2 nice juice organic brands that i can suggest: Organic Village where i tried a peach juice really reach in fruit and not just watery, and Elite Naturel from Turkey that use to do pear juice and other weird but very good fruit juices like Quince Juice. I never seen this fruit before!

PS. Mamy l’altra settimana sono andata ad un’altra fiera, questa volta era tutta di prodotti naturali e organici, da creme di bellezza a integratori a prodotti culinari. Anche questa volta ho trovato un gruppo di stands italiani, ma erano un po’ pochini! Diciamo che  ho soprattutto fatto un giro tra i prodotti organici che vanno di piu’ qui in Inghilterra: da quelli senza glutine, a prodotti naturali dall’ecuador o dal brasile, a famosi marchi inglesi che si trovano in ogni supermercato. Immagina che ho anche chiesto se ci fosse qualcuno specializzato in prodotti aproteici ma non ho trovato nulla! Comunque ha partecipato un numero incredibile di  persone. In Inghilterra c’e’ veramente la fissazione per l’organico!


Buddah Bar: food, cocktails and MUSIC! (-60 weeks)

Another amazing place, finally here in London too, is the Buddah Bar. It opened not so long ago in Embankment, near the river and it’s always packed… now i will tell you why.

Basically the secret is great food, cool ambient, amazing cocktails and fantastic music all night long. We went there just to stay few hours all girls and instead between some wine, some cocktails and the music we couldn’t go away anymore.

They serve food in all little portions and we ate a particular kind of spring rolls served with sweet and sour sauce that was very good, but especially we drunk a CHILLI MOJITO and an ELEMENTAL cocktail (peach based)  beautiful to see but absolutely fantastic to drink. The music is a mix of arab, indian and latin music at the beginnig of the night, to get then more disco around twelve. It’s of course a bit expensive but it’s a very nice place for a full night out.

W the big Buddah!

PS. Mamy con Anna e le ragazze ci siamo dedicate una serata fuori un po’ sopra le righe e siamo andate in questo locale molto conosciuto che sta’ proprio vicino al fiume. Si chiama Buddah Bar perche’ ha un grosso Buddah all’interno e l’ambiente e’ un po’ una fusione di culture asiatiche e arabe. E’ un posto molto curato e famoso ovunque per la musica che mettono: insomma una volta entrata e’ difficile andarsene. Hai visto che bei cocktails?

Mexican food in the City: Wahaca!

wahaca 1Finally, after months of preparation and suspense, the mexican food is now in the CITY: Wahaca has opened a new restaurant in Canary Wharf and I’ve been to see the new place and to try some new recipes.

Wahaca is an “easy” mexican restaurant, because is made for the UK and this means all the menu is easy to understand. You have lots of little dishes to start with and a big variety of main courses you can choose from, but everything is done following the most real mexican way and trying to be cheaper than any other traditional mexican restaurant in London.

But let’s speak about food!

Being in 4 we started ordering a “Wahaca selection”, a mix of some of the best starters they offer in the menu. Some tacos, with beef, fish (the best ones) or pork, quesadillas, tostadas and a little pot with green rice and black beans absolutely amazing.
wahaca 2

As a main course i tried to stay light so… salad. But i have to specify that this contains also meat and rice and just to make it better, it’s served in a fried corn pastry (i don’t know in which other way i can describe it). Very tasty! Some of us took burrito, fish tacos but they serve also a nice soup with homemade tortilla chips, that i suggest as a lighter solution. To drink i have decided to avoid beers (for once) and to try the hibiscus water, a delicious sweet and light red juice very refreshing (especially after the hot sauces you can find there).I love it!

Just to have a taste also of the mexican desserts, we couldn’t go away without churros y chocolate, spicy chocolate ice cream and mango sorbet, my favorite.
wahaca 3

The place is very colorful and nice: lots of graffiti in the inside and the design lights coming down from the ceiling, create a really cosy ambiance. The best part, by the way, are the iron curtains that, composing colorful designs in all the restaurant, give the sensation to be in a mexican market.

Wahaca it’s a little bright place in the grey London!

wahaca 4

PS. Mamy hai visto che carino il nuovo ristorante dove sta Julio? E’ coloratissimo e nonostante sia in piena aria di uffici, all’interno e’ molto accogliente. Poi ho assaggiato dei nuovi piatti che non avevo provato le altre volte e devo dire buonissimi! ho assaggiato i tacos con il pesce, una nuova quesadilla che fanno li, che e’ un piatto simile ad una piadina ma ripiena di una crema di funghi fantastica e poi ho chiesto un’insalata e me l’hanno portata in un cestino di pane di mais croccante buonissimo. Veramente particolare!