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Fagioloni al sugo – Runner beans with tomatoes sauce

Recipe 39: Today i have cooked a very old and healthy recipe from my grandmother. It’s very easy as usual but these vegetables are a perfect solution to change the routine in your meals.

I just found these beans at the supermarket, and i thought to cook this dish that is a long time i don’t eat, so here are the ingredients: around 300 gr big beans or runner beans as they call them here, 200gr passata of tomatoes (i suggest you Cirio one), half an onion, some salt and chili. That’s all!

Wash the beans, take off the ends and the filament from side to side. Then boil them for 10-15 minutes in salty hot water while in the meantime you will prepare the sauce.

Put some oil in a pan with the chopped half onion and wait for the onion to get a bit colorful. Then add the passata of tomatoes with a bit of chili. Let it cook and when the beans are ready, drain them and pass them in the pan.

Let them in the pan a bit, just the time to absorb a bit of the sauce and serve them hot! Buon appetito!

PS. Mamy chissa’ se mi sono venuti come te li faceva nonna! Secondo i miei in Italia pure i fagioloni hanno piu’ sapore, comunque buonissimi…me li sono proprio goduti!


Caramelle salate – salty little candies (-6 kg!!!)

Recipe 59: This is a classic of my mum’s dinners with guests. It’s something she used to do very often when i was little because it’s a very easy starter but really good and everyone like it. She call them the salty candies o caramelle satate!

Ingredients for 4 people: Buy some puff pastry or brick leaf (you can find this in Waitrose), 2-3 frankfurters, one mozzarella, 1 egg and some olive oil.

The preparation it’s very very easy: just stretch the puff pastry until very thin and cut it in squares. If you are using the brick leaf instead you will need to double each of them and cut it in some big pieces.

Then cut the frankfurt and the mozzarella in pieces and put one of each in the little pastry squares or brick leaf. Using the pastry you will be able to close them exactly like a classic candy and they will look really nice. If you are instead using the brick leaf you will need to close it like little sack and you will need a tooth peak for each.

Once ready, place them in a baking pan and pour on the top some olive oil or, if you have a brush, you could apply some egg. This is very important especially when you use the puff pastry, because it will be the final nice color to the candies.

Put in the oven for 20 minutes at 180 but check it often just to don’t make them burn. Serve it without stick if you can take it away and enjoy!

These instead are the ones made with puff pastry!

And now, after the recipe i give you a little update before the holidays: i have reached – 6kg and this thanks to some alcohol free weekends, after lots of weeks of parties, and thanks to a bit of sport more. I mean i needed to, considering i will comeback in Italy for 2 weeks and there will be really hard to don’t fell in temptation with the food. So let’s hope it’s not going to be a massive disaster otherwise i won’t be able to lose other 4 kg before january!

PS. Mamy te le ricordi le caramelle! queste sono sempre state una delle mie ricette di punta! facile rapide e che piacciono a tutte. Avevamo un po’ di questi fogli di pasta sfoglia a casa e ho pensato di fare questi sacchettini, visto che la vera forma di caramella non tiene con questi. E visto che non avevo uova le ho spennelate con un pochino di olio e son venute bene! ah sono scesa un altro kg, giusto in tempo per le abbuffate campigliesche! Speriamo bene! Ci vediamo tra pochissimo!

Pasta, pesto and cherry tomatoes! (-47 weeks)

Recipe  98: This is a quick and easy pasta for everyday lunch or dinner. You won’t need more than 10 minutes, basically just the time to cook the pasta!

Ingredients for 2 people: 250 gr of pasta (it’s better short pasta), some pesto sauce ( I normally use the Sacla’ one you can find everywhere here in London. Then one day i will also add my mum’s recipe to make it at home!), some cherry tomatoes (6-8), olive oil, garlic, salt, Parmesan and pepper if you like it.

Put some  water and salt in a baking pan and let it boil. In another pan, put some olive oil with some garlic in pieces. Let them cook a bit so the oil will take the flavor. I then normally take the garlic out, but if you like it you can also leave it in the sauce.
When the water will boil, you can add the pasta and let it cook for around 10 minutes (depending by the pasta, but take it out one or two minutes before the time written on the bag) .

Cut the cherry tomatoes in 4 and put them in the oil. Let them cook a bit and add some pesto sauce (2-3 spoon). Mix it all and when the pasta will be ready, drain it and place it in the pan with the sauce. If you can add also a bit of water from the pasta, this will be better for the sauce.

Mix it all and add some other pesto sauce until it is enough for all the pasta. Finally put some Parmesan and mix again.
Serve in the plates and add some black pepper.
Buon appetito!

PS. Mamy siccome io sono una patita del pesto e questa e’ la ricetta favorita di Anna, appena ci siamo trovate a cucinare insieme, abbiamo deciso di preparare questa pasta…. anche per uscire dal solito semplice piatto. Nella sua semplicita’ questa pasta e’ buonissima. Certo magari la prossima volta metto anche la tua ricetta del pesto…con quella si che verra’ veramente squisita!

Aubergines side order or starter: 3 options

Recipe 101: This time i will show 3 ways to cook aubergines as a simple side dish for everyday. They are a quick and easy solution just to variate a bit your diet and eat your one a day portion of vegetable. I’m also sure it’s a dish children will love!

The ingredients for the 3 options are : 2 aubergine for dish, 1 tomato sauce can, Parmesan, olive oil, salt and pepper.

For any of the 3 options you will start by washing and cutting the aubergines. In this first dish you will need them in little pieces. Then put them in a pan with just one or two spoons of olive oil and some salt. Leave them there on a law fire , add some salt and pepper and mix them every now and then.

Also if they will seem a bit dry, after a bit they will get soft and they will cook with their own water. If you want you can add some more oil but don’t exaggerate because you won’t need it so much.

At the end they will appear soft and saucy like in the picture and you can serve them as a side order or you can make some nice starter… just remember to add some Parmesan because the combination of the two is amazing!

Another option is to make them grilled, so you will need to cut them in thin slices and put them in the oven with a bit of oil and salt. After a bit, check them and if they seems quite cooked, turn them adding some more oil and salt.

When ready they will be a bit crunchy and tasty, but if you have it, try to eat them with a bit of Pesto sauce in one side. I think  this combination is very good too. Also these ones can be served as a starter, but better if with other grilled vegetables, like courgettes or peppers.

Finally you can have also the option to eat some aubergines with tomato sauce: just follow the first recipe and when they are almost cooked, add some tomato sauce, other salt and pepper…even basil if you have.

Let the sauce get a bit thick and serve hot, always with some Parmesan!

Now you just need to choose if you prefer them in white, with tomato sauce or grilled! ENJOY!

PS: Mamy, ormai sono un’esperta cone le melanzane..le ho provate davvero in tutte le salse! Sara’ che qui ce le hanno sempre, o perche’ tu le facevi spesso a casa, ma anche per non mangiare sempre la solita verdura, trovo che siano un’ingrediente proprio versatile! Certo tutto quest’olio non e’ il massimo, pero’ almeno mangio verdura!

Carnival so… Frappe, not frappe’! (-49 weeks)

Recipe 102: it’s not Carnival in Italy without the frappe and for me in February i can’t miss them… especially being in London, so last weekend i made them at home. OK it’s not the easiest dish ever, but it’s really worth to cook it. The recipe is not my mum’s one but it’s something i have from Rome and i love it!

The ingredients for a quite good quantity are: 200gr flour – 2eggs yolk and just one white – 2 big spoons of sugar – a pinch of salt – half of a little spoon of baking powder (have to be just a little bit) – half of a little espresso cup of liquor (Wisky is better  but i used tequila…i had just that at home) and finally 2 half eggshells of olive oil.

At the beginning you will just need to add all the ingredients together except one half eggshell of olive oil. Keep this for later. Mix everything before with a spoon and then directly with your hands until you will have a uniform dough. Add a bit more of oil if you can’t make it yet.

At this point you will need to extend the dough and put some more oil on it. Let the oil be absorbed by the dough and close it in 4 following the pictures.

You will create a dough again and you will extend it another time to put some more oil. Now close it again and create another dough. Repeat the same until the end of the oil.

After all this work the pasta will be very very elastic, but you will need to extend it again and cut some big strips.

In the meantime prepare a pan with some boiling oil and put the stripes one by one. The oil need to cover and fried them. Be careful it’s question of just few minutes so keep on checking and turning them to avoid to burn them.

Take them off form the oil as soon as they start to take enough color. Put the on some absorbent paper and then pass them in a new clean plate. Just put some icy sugar on top and serve…better if still a little warm!

Enjoy and… have a good Carnival!

PS. Mamy guarda e’ stata dura ma al secondo tentativo je l’ho fatta! e devi vedere come sono sparite! ero troppo contenta e non e’ carnevale senza frappe! e poi che sto un altro anno senza mangiarne nemmeno una? e invece eccole qui, con la mitica ricetta Dalla Torre ho portato le Frappe pure a Londra!!!(neanche a dirvi che qui non le hanno mai sentite nominare).

Saltimbocca alla romana: veal in the roman way! (-51weeks)

Recipe 104:I love veal and this is one of the meat dishes i love the most, so it needed to stay in my Birthday dinner menu. It’s a bit expensive in London to buy veal but is really something you need to try.

Ingredients: if you don’t cook this dish alone but you will serve it with a starter or something else, i would suggest you to calculate about 100gr of veal for each one of you, a packet of fresh sage, a packet of parma ham (around 10 slices), oil, butter, a bit of white wine, salt and pepper. And don’t forget the toothpick!

In first place you will need to prepare the meat: cut it in little pieces and put some parma ham and sage on top. All this will be fixed by the toothpick.

In a pan put some oil and butter and the meat. When this starts to fried a bit, add some white wine and wait. In the meantime i prepare some poteto in the oven and some pies with onion.

Turn the pieces of meat when they start to be colorful and put some salt and pepper just to add more taste. Now you are ready to serve them.

This recipe as well is super easy to do… so are you starting it?

PS. Mamy i saltimbocca non si battono, belli croccanti e saporiti. Io c’ho messo il prosciutto crudo invece dello speack perche nei supermercati non si trova facile, ma con lo speck magari sarebbe stato pure meglio.Invece Francesca mi ha aiutato cone le patate: in due secondi me le ha pulite tagliate e messe a forno!!! se non ci fosse lei bisognerebbe inventarla.

Saltimbocca alla Romana

A good fish in the oven! (-52 weeks)

Recipe 106: Finally i did it!!! i bought two nice fishes, i cooked them in the oven and i was super happy!! I have never done it before just because i was really scared to have to clean the fishes inside, but yesterday i couldn’t stop myself: when i saw this two salmon trouts in the supermarket i had to buy them and try to cook them in my mum way.

The ingredients are really few but the taste is very good. For 2 people buy 2 fishes (i choose the salmon trouts but it could be whatever else), potatoes, bread crumbs, parsley, lemon, oil, salt and pepper. Nothing more!

Wash the parsley and cut it in very thin pieces (15-30 leaves for person depending also by the size of the fish) then add two spones of bread crumbs for person and some salt, oil and lemon following your taste. Mix it all until it takes the consistency of a dough.

In the meantime cut the potatoes in very thin slices and display them in the oven tray. Add some oil, salt and pepper.

Wash the fishes (thanks God you can find them already clean in Tesco) and take off what is remaining of the interiors.

Put them on the potatoes and stuff them with the mix you prepared before! add some other oil, salt and pepper on the fishes and place in the oven for 40-45 minute at 180 degrees.

As you can see the recipe is very easy and the secret is all in the tasty mix we did at the beginning! The potatoes were perfect, the fish cooked and exactly how i remembered from my mum! I loved it!

PS: Mamy hai visto che alla fine l’ho cucinato? Ho preso coraggio, ho visto che il pesce aveva un bel taglio ed ho sperato fosse bello pulito. Cosi e’ stato, e la salsina m’e’ venuta anche abbastanza bene!Che buono, ma ti pare che in un’isola io mi devo sognare il pesce come un cibo proibito???