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Patate gratinate – Grilled potato pie (-5 weeks)

Recipe 13:  This is a fantastic recipe for children or guests. It’s light, easy, quick, you can prepare it in advance and it’s perfect as a side dish for fish or meat. Finally everyone Love it!

I cooked it for Christmas to complete the fish dish and I thought it was the perfect treat for my family in this lovely day. Let’s don’t think too much about the line in Christmas! However everything was grilled and not fried… so we have not been so naughty!

The ingredients for 4 people are: 800gr potatoes, 50 gr Emmenthal, 60 gr butter, 10gr breadcrumbs, 200gr cream, a bit of salt and pepper.

Clean the potatoes from the skin and boil them until soft but not too much. Cut them in slices and prepare a baking pan with some baking paper or butter and flour. Grate the cheese and then place a first layer of potatoes in the pan with some of the cheese, salt and the butter.

Then create a second layer exactly in the sameway and then a third until you finish all the ingredients. At this point cover all with the cream and then add some breadcrumbs and the rest of the parmesan mixed together on top to let it create a nice crust all over.

Considering everything is already cooked you will need just 15minute and maybe a bit of grill at the end. Then serve hot it with your main dish and enjoy!

PS. E si sa che le patate in qualsiasi modo le cucini sono sempre un successo, ma tranne la crema eil formaggio che non sono proprio light, penso che questo sformatino valga proprio la pena…sempre meglio delle patate fritte ed un po’ piu’ raffinato delle patate al forno! Voi che dite v’e’ piaciuto?

Profiterole … and nothing else to add.

Recipe 27: As a dessert for my guest in the Halloween night i couldn’t resist to make the Profiterole, but starting from the puffs. Yes i did them too and was easy except for the cooking time that wasn’t exactly enough. However now i will tell you how to do them in the right way.

Ingredients for around 30 puffs: 250ml of water, 100gr of butter, half a little spoon of salt, one spoon of sugar, 150 of flour, 4 eggs.

Place on the fire the water , the butter, the salt and the sugar and bring to boil. At this point take the pan out of the fire and add the flour all in once. Put the pan back on the fire and mix with a wooden spoon until it get thick and starts to create a ball.

Now put it in a place to cool down for some minutes and then add one egg at time  mixing until absorbed.

Finally it will become a bit more creamy and you will need to let it rest for around 30 minutes.

Then pass the mix in a piping bag and  create your puffs placing them on a baking paper and leaving enough space between one and the other. They will grow so they need to have their space. Put them in a preheated oven for 30 minute at 150 degree.Never open the oven if you don’t want them to collapse. Check them from outside and see when you think they are big and colored enough. When ready, turn off the oven but leave it in there for around 5 minutes with the oven door slightly open.

Waiting for them to get dry, prepare the cream to put inside, following the recipe here. Place it in the piping bag  used before and be ready to fill them one by one.

The last touch it will be the chocolate. Take 200 gr of dark chocolate in tablet and put that in a little pan, inside a bigger pan with hot water in it and on fire ( a bagno maria). In this way the chocolate will melt without stick to the pan or burn.

Just pour it on the puffs disposed in a pyramid and serve !  For Halloween i also added some orange sugar sprinkles…but we couldn’t resist to try it and i don’t have pictures now 😦

However if you really want to make it perfect, just add some whipped cream here and there and… Buon appetito!

PS. Mamy che te ne pare di questo profiterole…t’ho quasi superato cucinando anche i puffs eh? Peccato che avrei dovuto farli crescere un po’ di piu’ tenendoli nel forno qualche altro minuto, ma alla fine non mi posso lamentare!

Tilt birthday cake: pan di spagna, fragole e rabarbaro (-18 weeks)

Recipe 40: It’s already one year I’m writing on this blog. I cooked lots of recipe,100 with this one to be precise and others will come soon. Lots of dinners with friends have been organized and my little tilt project has grown up and made me enjoy lots of nights and days. Here is the cake I have prepared to celebrate this day that I wasn’t  thinking could have arrived so quickly! This is my master cake! I’m very proud of it.

It was a long time I wanted to do a cake like this, like the ones in the shops or in TV and it came out great! I used the Pan di Spagna recipe from my mum and then I invented the filling and the cream to cover it.

And here are the ingredients i used:

Pan di Spagna:  4 eggs, 200gr flour and 200gr sugar, 1 spoon of baking powder. For the cream: 400 gr rhubarb and 300gr strawberries, 60 gr sugar and the cream (that you can find here). For the cover: I just used 100 gr of white chocolate and 300 gr of cream to whip up.

Start the preparation from the sponge: mix the egg yolks with the sugar, then add the flower mixing one spoon of baking powder too and the egg whites whipped up! Mix it all and place it in a baking pan and in a pre-hot oven at around 200 degree for 20-30 minutes. Then start to check the color and when it seems ready, try to insert a toothpick in it. If it come out dry, the cake is ready, otherwise leave it in the oven for longer.

While the cake is in the oven prepare the filling: wash and cut the strawberry and the rhubarb! This you will need to clean it like celery, taking off all the filaments. Then place everything in a sauce pan with the sugar, mix and wait for the sugar to melt and the fruit to let their water out. This will become almost a jam, so when everything is well mixed and melted, take it of the fire.

Then prepare the cream. In this xcase I just use 1 egg,  50gr sugar, a spoon of flour and 200grof milk because I thought it was going to be enough. When ready mix it with the jam and the filling is done! Take the cake out of the oven and try to cut it in three slices. At this point put the cream between the layers and close with the top of the sponge.

For the cream to cover it, place a sauce pan with boiling water on the fire and place in it another little sauce pan with the chocolate . In this way the chocolate will melt without stick or burn. Whip up the cream and then add the melted chocolate. Cover with this all the cake and add some strawberries on the top.

The cake is ready!

Happy birthday TILT!

Ps. Mamy pretendo tu faccia gli auguri al tuo piccolo figlio TILT PROJECT.  Alla fine senza le tue ricette non esisterebbe! Grazie per tutti questi bei piatti Mamy!

Pasta con le noci – Pasta with walnuts sauce

Pasta noci 1

Recipe 132: And because is autumn and starts to be cold, why don’t make pasta with walnuts?

This is not one of the most common italian dishes, but it’s very typical in Liguria, a region in the north of Italy, more famous for the pesto sauce ( i will ask my mum her amazing recipe for this too).

I have to say this is the version my mum use to prepare, but there are many other different versions, with just oil instead of single cream, with a bit of bread and garlic and so on. Because it’s a quite reach sauce and heavy dish, i suggest you to cook not too much pasta or you can also try to substitute the single cream with Ricotta cheese and milk.

However here are the ingredients i used yesterday for 5 people (all from Tesco): 500gr of De Cecco Pasta (i choose short pasta but have to be good also with linguine or meat ravioli) – 200gr walnuts already peeled – 75gr pine nuts – 250gr single cream – majoran – salt – pepper- nutmeg – 50gr butter – Parmesan.

Pasta noci 2

If you have a mixer, you can just put all the ingredients in and create the sauce, otherwise you can put all the walnuts and pine nuts in a dishcloth and smash them with anything you have, heavy and resistant (i used the majoran dispenser).

Then add the single cream and use a “Minipimer” to mix everything better and give consistency to the sauce. If you don’t have it you can also just mix with spoon. Add salt, pepper, a bit of majoran and nutmeg. I can’t tell you how much. This will be something you will have to decide testing the sauce and following your preferences.

pasta noci 3In the meantime cook the pasta in salted water and after the time written on the bag (were 10 minute for me), drain the pasta and add the butter already melted and the walnut sauce.

Serve with Parmesan and a bit of black pepper.

Buon appetito!

PS. Ciao Mamy, ieri e’ venuta a cena Marguerite la mia amica americana che incontro sempre in aereo. Le ho cucinato la pasta con le noci…visto che stiamo in autunno pensavo fosse adeguata ed era cosi tanto tempo che non la mangiavo! L’unico problema e’ che non me l’aspettavo cosi pesante…sara’ che ho fatto dei piatti belli pieni, ma alla fine eravamo sderenate! Comunque per essere buona e’ buona… forse la prossima volta provo a farla con la ricotta invece che con la panna.