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Melon and ham starter… to say goodbye to the summer!

Recipe 41: And here we are again, the autumn is approaching and i have just realized in my blog was missing a massive italian classic: the lovely taste of melon and ham together! I have to say thanks to Waitrose for this, because today they had the most amazing and smelly melons in display and i couldn’t resist…so i thought about this recipe.

Ingredient: as you probably can already imagine you will just need a good melon and some Parma ham. I have also added some black pitted olives (that i think goes really well with it) and some salad.

Clean the melon from the skin and the pulp, cut it in slices and then in pieces. Cover them with parma ham, a salad leave and add a pitted black olive. Buon appetito!

Because the recipe it’s to easy i will also share with you the secret to choose a perfect melon: to be good and juicy, you need to be able to smell the sweet odor from the top or the bottom of the fruit. Basically you need to really smell them one by one until you find the stronger sweet smell! That will be yours!

PS. Mamy oggi proprio sul classicissimo. Sono andata al supermercato e per la prima volta ho sentito un forte odore di melone. Qui e’ rarissimo, visto che la frutta non ha sapore! Insomma non potevo non concedermi un ultimo saluto all’estate con melone e prosciutto! Poi con le olive nere per me e’ ancora meglio!


Another italian classic: ham, figs and Caprese salad (-39weeks)

Recipe 81: Big announcement this weekend. The figs are arrived in the supermarket! OK these are not the best figs ever, very sweet and soft, but they are good enough to have another classic italian dish for a light lunch or starter.

Ingredients: you will just need 4-5 figs, some Parma ham, 1 mozzarella, 4-5 tomatoes, 1 avocado or only some basil leaves, salt and olive oil.

For the Prosciutto e Fichi, just peal the figs and cut them in half. Put the ham on a plate with them and that’s all.

To make the dish a bit more complete, just add the Caprese salad: cut the mozzarella in slices, then wash the tomatoes and cut them in slices too and serve in a plate placing them alternately. Then if you want, you can just add between the slices some basil leaves as we do in Italy, but otherwise you can also peal an avocado and add some slices of this too. With some olive oil, salt and pepper the dish will be ready!

Enjoy and have a nice weekend!

PS. Mamy lo scorso fine settimana non ho potuto resistere a prosciutto e fichi! quando ho visto i fichi al supermercato per quanto piccolini non ho potuto fare a meno di prenderli. E con un po’ di prosciutto crudo ed una caprese, mi sono fatta proprio un bel pranzetti all’italiana!

Antipasto italiano: Bruschetta & Crostini

Recipe 96: Let’s speak about the most classic Italian starter and let’s do it once for all: here is the recipe of the real Bruschetta and to make the dish a bit more interesting i have also added some Crostini.

Ingredients for 2 people: 4 tomatoes, basil, olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic, Parma ham, mozzarella, Casareccio Bread (impossible to find in England so i just used a classic baguette), Parmesan.

The bruschetta is very easy, reason why i can’t stand when they serve something totally different in some place here in London.

You just need to cut some nice red tomatoes in little pieces, add some garlic in pieces ans some basil leaves. Mix everything with some good olive oil, salt, a bit of pepper if you want and leave it there for some time. More you will leave it and more sauce you will get from the tomatoes and all the ingredients will release their amazing taste.

Another very important element is the bread: this in theory need to be “Casareccio”, a very common type of bread in Italy. It’s characteristic, on top of the particular taste, to be quite hard outside, but very soft and reach inside and with quite big holes too.

If you just cut the bread in thin slices and you grill it a bit, it will be perfect for the tomatoes bruschetta or just the garlic and oil one!

However i used in this case a Baguette or Baton ( the french bread is more welcome than the italian here in London), i cut some slice and i put it in the oven to grill them a bit, before to put the tomatoes mix: this is another important step to make a perfect bruschetta.

Then to make it truly original you can even pass a piece of garlic on the bread still hot and add a bit of oil. At this point the bruschetta will be irresistible.

For the crostini i instead placed a piece of Parma ham on the bread, some mozzarella and another piece of ham and i put them in the oven to melt and get a bit crunchy. You can even put some mozzarella on the top or just some Parmesan thin slices before to serve them.

Buon appetito!

PS. Mamy oggi ho ricominciato dalle basi e visto che ci stiamo avvicinando ad un clima un po’ piu’ mite, ho pensato di spiegare una volta per tutte come ottenere una bruschetta DOC. qualche settimana fa infatti ero andata in un ristorante italiano e non sai che roba ci hanno rifilato! Per bruschetta e crostini ho tolleranza zero! Sono troppo semplice da fare per poter sbagliare.

Saltimbocca alla romana: veal in the roman way! (-51weeks)

Recipe 104:I love veal and this is one of the meat dishes i love the most, so it needed to stay in my Birthday dinner menu. It’s a bit expensive in London to buy veal but is really something you need to try.

Ingredients: if you don’t cook this dish alone but you will serve it with a starter or something else, i would suggest you to calculate about 100gr of veal for each one of you, a packet of fresh sage, a packet of parma ham (around 10 slices), oil, butter, a bit of white wine, salt and pepper. And don’t forget the toothpick!

In first place you will need to prepare the meat: cut it in little pieces and put some parma ham and sage on top. All this will be fixed by the toothpick.

In a pan put some oil and butter and the meat. When this starts to fried a bit, add some white wine and wait. In the meantime i prepare some poteto in the oven and some pies with onion.

Turn the pieces of meat when they start to be colorful and put some salt and pepper just to add more taste. Now you are ready to serve them.

This recipe as well is super easy to do… so are you starting it?

PS. Mamy i saltimbocca non si battono, belli croccanti e saporiti. Io c’ho messo il prosciutto crudo invece dello speack perche nei supermercati non si trova facile, ma con lo speck magari sarebbe stato pure meglio.Invece Francesca mi ha aiutato cone le patate: in due secondi me le ha pulite tagliate e messe a forno!!! se non ci fosse lei bisognerebbe inventarla.

Saltimbocca alla Romana