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Pears and cheese salad – Insalata di pere e formaggio (-17 weeks)

Recipe 38: It’s definitely autumn… at least in London and i started to see lots of new products in the supermarkets: the ones i prefer the most for this season are the juicy and super sweet pears and the walnuts. I couldn’t resist to buy them right now and i thought about this recipe that i really like. Sweet and salty mix are just the best!

Ingredients for 2 people: You will need some rocket…a little bag is enough, 1 pear quite big, some pecorino, some walnuts, oil, balsamic vinegar and i like also a bit of honey on it!

So it’s very easy: just wash the rucola and place it on a plate, take off the skin of one pear, cut it in little pieces or slices, add some crushed walnuts and some salty cheese like the pecorino. I prefer it in pieces or slices but not grated for the salad.

Then mix in a bawl some oil (2-3 spoons) and some balsamic vinegar (this depends by the taste). If you like the honey you can try to add a bit now in the mix or just at the end on top. I didn’t add any salt… i prefer to taste the salt of the cheese.

And to end this quick post, i leave you here a famous said we use in italy: “Al contadino non far sapere quant’e’ buono il cacio con le pere” that means literally “Don’t say to the farmer how much is good the cacio with the pears”… don’t ask me why! However because the cacio here is something very hard to find i thought the pecorino was a good substitute as well!


PS. So che tu in verita’ non sei proprio un’amante di questi sapori cosi differenti, ma mi sembra piacesse anche a te il formaggio con il miele. Questa e’ la mia scusa per avere un piatto in cui poter accostare questi sapori… senza danneggiare troppo i kili persi!


Simple Pears Cake!

Recipe 95: I like to cook but i love to make cakes… it makes me happy, so last saturday, quite late in the night i decided to prepare a nice cake for the sunday breakfast. So i take back one of my oldest recipe and i made this quick pear cake.
Ingredients: 4 or 5 pears (depending by the size but if you prefer you can also use apples and the cake will be amazing anyway), 200gr sugar, 200gr flour, 3 eggs, 100gr butter (in origin the recipe was with 200 but 100 gr i think is enough) and a spoon of baking powder.

Put in a container the sugar and the 3 whole eggs. Mix until it become a nice yellow color and put the butter in a sauce pan on a low fire to melt it. Let it cold down and then add it to the mix.

Add slowly the flour and the baking powder and mix until you homogeneous. At this point you can put some butter and flour in a baking pan or simply a piece of baking paper like i did and you can pour the mix.

Clean the pears and cut them in little pieces. Put them on the surface of the cake until full. Then put the cake in the oven at 180 degree for half an hour and for other 10 minutes at 140.

As you can see the recipe is very quick and easy… but the result it’s really nice!

What do you think? Enjoy!

PS. Mamy te la ricordi questa torta? la facevo sempre con le mele, ma questa volta ho deciso di provare con le pere. Qui normalmente sono belle toste, percio’ ho pensato che almeno nella torta me le sarei potute gustare un po’ piu’ morbide. Che te ne pare? non male no? Questa ricetta non mi delude mai!