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Pollo alla cacciatora – Hunter’s chicken stew

Recipe 10: I wanted to look up for this recipe because was something my mum used to cook for her sometimes. I didn’t like this dish because she used to put vinegar in it and I couldn’t stand it. Now that I grew up I wanted to try it again eventually with some balsamic vinegar that I love. What happened instead is that all the recipe I found weren’t including any vinegar and I was even more curious to try it.

So the Ingredients for 2 people are: 1 garlic clove, 1carrot, 1/2onion, half glass of olive oil, some salt, pepper, 2 chicken breasts better if with the skin, passata of tomatoes, finely chopped parsley, rosemary, celery, a glass of red wine.

Wash and clean the chicken cutting it in pieces. Leave the skin to give more taste to the dish. Hot up some olive oil in a pan and put the chicken to cook for around ten minute making it goldish on both the side.

Add now the onion the garlic cloven the celery and the carrot all finely chopped. Then add a bit of salt, pepper, rosemary and let fry everything for other 5 minutes. When everything will be well colored, pour the red wine and leave it to evaporate.

Then add the passata, cover with a tap and let it cook on a middle fire for around 30 minutes o until well cooked and soft.if it’s too dry add some water and then serve it hot with a. Sprinkle of parsley. Buon appetito!

PS. Mamy devi provare questa versione perche cercando la tua ricetta ho solo trovato versioni senza aceto e non sai che buono!!!


Petti di pollo al limone – Lemon chicken breasts

Recipe 134: Yesterday i knew my italian friend was coming back to London after a little break in Rome.

What i didn’t know was that she wanted to come directly to my house from the airport to have a girly italian night before restarting the frenetic London life. So quick recap of what was in my fridge and i found a simple solution to eat light and quickly with just basic ingredients.

This will be the quickest recipe of the blog i think, healthy and easy to cook every night of the week…. and a classic in my parents house. I’m sorry if the pictures are not amazing, but i was missing my official photographer yesterday.

The ingredients for 2 people are: 2 chicken breasts – a bit of flour – 1 or 2 lemons – oil – salt and peppers. Then if you have some vegetable to boil and serve with it, the plate will be complete.

Take the chicken breasts and make them very thin, cutting them and pressing them with anything you think you can use. More thin they will be and more taste they will have.

Then put the meat in some flour until they are totally white. Hot up some oil in a pan and put them in. After a bit, when they start to take color, add some lemon juice (1 full lemon i think is enough) and a bit of water to create some more sauce. Keep on turning the meat until is all cooked and colored.

Serve with salt a bit of black pepper and some more lemon juice on top.

Buon appetito!

PS. Ecco finalmente ho cucinato i petti di pollo come te! Rapidissimo questo piatto, leggero e veramente un ottimo sistema per variare il solito pollo grigliato. Anna sembra essere rimasta contenta anche se mi manca lo schiaccia carne che usi tu: con tutto che l’ho tagliato, il pollo era ancora un po’ troppo alto. Vabbe la prossima volta mi invento qualcosa.