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My Special Christmas dishes!

Recipe 114: this is not a classic italian Christmas recipe but, for a reason or another, this rice is something i always cook in Christmas. Last year i did it for my parents who came to London to see me, and this year I prepared it for my friends before to come back to Italy for the Christmas break.

Just to make the dinner a  bit more interesting i also prepared a little and super-easy starter that goes really well with the rice. An amazing champagne and wine completed the dinner.

For three people the ingredients are: a bunch of asparagus (8/10)- 250gr rice – around 100gr goat cheese – 1 onion – butter – 50/70gr pancetta – a glass of white wine – a vegetable stock – pepper – salt – chilli  and if you also want to do the starter you will need around 300 gr of Jumbo prawns.

As usual, let’s start from the onion: cut it in little pieces and put it in a quite big sauce pan with some butter or olive oil. Wait for the color to become goldish and add the pancetta. In the mean time wash and cut the asparagus in 2 or three pieces and put them to boil in a little sauce pan, while in a another container you will put some water to boil for the vegetable stock.

When the pancetta is a bit cooked, add the rice and let it toast in the sauce pan. after few minutes you can add the white wine and mix it all until the wine is totally evaporated. add some of the vegetable stock water and let it cook always mixing a bit to don’t make the rice stick to the pan.

Waiting for the rice to cook, you can now prepare the starter: put some batter in a pan and let it melt. After a bit you can put the jumbo prawns with some salt, pepper and chilli. Wait for them to fried a bit with the butter and then add some white wine. in thsi way you will create a nice sauce that will help the prawns to be cooked and the taste will be amazing. Wait until they are a nice orange color and you can serve them in a plate with some of teh asparagus you put to boil before.

Be careful: for the rice you will use mainly the tender points of the vegetable, so i suggest you to use for the started the other part of the vegetable that for the rice would be too hard.

When the rice is almost cooked add the tender parts of teh asparagus you boiled before with their water, to maintain more flavour and mixing all wait for the rice to cook and the water to evaporate.

When the rice is ready, take it off from the fire and add the goat cheese in pieces: mix it all and the cheese will melt giving to the plate even more consistency and a great taste. Then serve it as usual with some Parmesan!

Buon appetito e Buon Natale!

PS. Mamy te lo ricordi questo riso che vi ho fatto l’anno scorso e che vi era piaciuto tanto? beh questo anno ho bissato e l’ho preparato per la nostra cena natalizia a casa prima che partissi con anche un bell’antipasto di gamberetti! Ormai questo risotto e’ diventato il mio piatto natalizio e viene sempre benissimo!


Busaba: a cheap and very good thai in London!

Busaba Eathai is a Thai chain in London very famous for the nice dishes, the very good food and the quite cheap price. So finally is a place i love and I’m always happy to go back. For our friend coming from Paris we thought could be a nice place to eat a different kind of cuisine.

Busaba logo

I discovered it 2 years ago, when we went there with my boss and colleagues to celebrate some new project. The one i will speak about is near my old office, in Store Street (Goodge street station). It’s always quite busy and you can’t reserve, but they are also quite quick in serve and you don’t normally cue for long.

We were finally in 5 and we ordered 3 different starters and a main course each. I tried the plate you can see in the pictures (thanks for these to tehbus, catty and darkrostedblend).

1) Padan chicken are little pieces of chicken cooked in garlic and coriander, covered in this padan leaf and served with a very nice soy based sauce. Really tasty! 2) Prawn pomelo is a more mysterious dish. There are prawns of course and peanuts but we can’t identify the rest and each portion is served on a betel leaf that you will need to eat with the rest (not eat instead the leaf from the other dish).It’s really a nice new taste. 3) Finally my main dish was Pad thai: a generous portion of rice noodle with prawns, shrimp, tofu, peanuts and beansprout. Just an amazing combination…i just added lots of soy sauce because I’m addicted to it!

Do you know how much we spent each of us, considering we also had a drink each? 15,50£ and it was GOOD! I also think the dinner there is not so fatty considering that you can choose a wok noodle instead of stir-fried!

Busaba dishes final

And then i love Busaba’s general atmosphere: from the light to the friendly waiters and easy going mood, to the decoration of the place absolutely elegant and modern, to the bathrooms and their particular signs…every time i need to stop and think!

busaba atmosphere

So please go and let me know if you think I’m wrong!

PS: Mamy la prossima volta vi ci porto anche a voi! Sono andata a mangiare in un ristorate che cucina tailandese e che conoscevo gia’. E’ buonissimo, non costa quasi nulla ed il locale e’ molto accogliente. Dai tanto lo so che ormai voi sperimentate tutte le cucine e questa sono sicura piacera’ anche a voi!